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Solitary Solar Sail

Updated on November 3, 2013
Let us set sail on silken words that sail the eternal heavens.
Let us set sail on silken words that sail the eternal heavens.

Solitary Solar Sail

Vagabond poet writing winds

Worn in grain engrained toes

Trails bare footprint chilled trials

Traversing celestial soul quivers

Awash serenading sound tides

Adrift night quill tranquil minds.

Inflective serene mood contemplation

Wanders adrift reflective meditation

Walking alone see shore terrain reception

Under starlight celestial ocean conceptions

Vibrating within a Uni-Verse dissertation

Solitary Solar Sail monologue composition.

Sitting thoughts dwelling inside harmonic

Breakers swelling aloft pulsating biorhythmic

Medicinal heartbeat healing nature diatonics

Soft surf musical cadences baring algorithmic

Deep depth solutions that bear introspection

Wave therapy in synchronization hydrodynamics.

Spread thy wings poet and write they verse

Adrift night’s silken sheets sparkling universe

Levitate the poet persona in night’s quill terse

To elevate the angelic aura higher to converse

Poetry to levels of pronounced disbursement

Spreading stanza Solitary Solar Sail traversals.

Sync the harmonicon reed into word vibrations

Itinerating aloud alliterated mental sensations

Narrative affirmative determinative penetration

That congeals mind, body in poetry gratification

In vocabulary vocalization language dissertations

In those vivid pinnacle power point presentations.

Oh poet, write the see shore of your soul existence

Quiver the poetic character in pronounced sentences.

Unshackle mind’s from imprisoned conformed tenses

Where We arise germinating civilization life force senses

In the Art of living free spirited in composing suspense

On Solitary Solar Sail roads less taken dispensations.

Solitary Solar Sail your mind

Upon uncharted wilderness of unknowns

Where the thrill twills alive verse


Solitary Solar Sails.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 11/03/13 ©

Write the see shore within every contrasting color dwelling in a poetic heart resonance
Write the see shore within every contrasting color dwelling in a poetic heart resonance


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    • davelyoung1 profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lester Young 

      5 years ago from Somewhere in America presently Austin TX

      I want to thank the eight who liked this so far, blessings to everyone.


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