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Updated on June 5, 2020


Here's how solitary time can be utilized to improve our mind and body.

Solitary time is very important in an individual’s life as it can help us evolve into a better version of ourselves. However, a lot of us have been led to believe that being alone is dreadful and we should rather be spending our time gathering experiences which can increase our purported social net worth in the age of social media. Such relentless pursuit of attention for ourselves has weakened our mental fortitude so much that we are unable to sit down by our own volition for a few minutes to observe the thoughts in our mind. This is indeed a very dangerous trend and we need to learn the art of zoning out of the noise surrounding us and to be able to tune into ourselves. The mind is capable of incredible things when it is not overwhelmed by external influences and persuasion.
Here are a few things we can do so as to harness the power of our mind to bring out the best in ourselves.

1. Make space for ourselves:
Many people are of different opinion that it is a crashing bore to sit alone by themselves at one place. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is the most rewarding and epiphanic experience they can give themselves. However, they are always seeking dopamine inducing experiences such as mindless web browsing and social media scrolling socializing, partying, drinking, binge eating and so on. However, all it does drown out the inner voice of their minds which is actually trying to convey some invaluable information that can transform their lives in a positive way.
Hence, it is important to be conscious of ourselves when indulging in such activities and take control of our time and actions. We should start training ourselves to sit in a
comfortable space and focus on our thoughts. It is a proven way to tap into our hidden talents. Being in sync with our thoughts sparks our creativity and encourages original thought. It is also beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety levels by streamlining the chaotic farrago of thoughts in our mind.

2. A huddled place:
Being social creatures at the end of the day we are hardwired to seek connection with
friends, family and loved ones. However, we do not have to buy into the myth that being alone is detrimental to our physical and mental health. We need to be able to distinguish between ‘being alone’ and ‘feeling alone’. We may ‘feel alone’ after a certain distressings and it’s perfectly fine to seek some support to tide over the setback.
Consciously ‘being alone’ is nothing but allowing ourselves the time to improve on all facets of our personality. Hence, we need to start exploring our inner selves and tuning in our own thoughts when we are alone.

3. Disband with your phone for sometime:
Difficult as it may appear, we need to make a mindful effort to reduce our smartphone
usage and learn to keep it away for a substantial amount of time. This will help us to explore our thoughts, our surroundings and ourselves in incredibly powerful ways. It is an experience we have been devoid of since the smartphone boom and living a life with constant interruptions and notifications weakening our focus. Resist the inner voice in your head which makes it seemingly impossible to disengage from your phone. Deny your mind the distraction to unleash its full potential. Reducing constant interruptions would also result in much more restful sleep and relaxation.
Social media usage on smartphones has been guilty of preying on our focus and we need to stop giving into the trap consciously. Disengage from your digital distractions and alternatives like old fashioned watches to keep time, notebooks to record your thoughts and observations and so on to stay on top of your mindfulness goals.

4. Meditation:
Meditation is another invaluable tool to keep our mind focused on our thoughts and
spirit. It is a deeply invigorating experience and also helps in composing our thoughts and calming our mind. Many inspirational figures from all walks of life credit
meditation in assisting them in their endeavours. The benefits vary from stress relief, emotional stability to improved concentration and laser like focus. We just need to train ourselves to devote some time for the practice consistently to reap all the invaluable benefits of meditation.

5. Maintain limitations:
Spending some alone time is the best way to liberate your body and mind from the
constant chatter in the background. Make a conscious effort to do so and you shall
definitely generate some great original ideas that add value to your personality.

To sum up:
It is true that the idea of spending time with yourself might sound daunting and
intimidating. However, if we learn to ease into the process we will walk away with
creative ideas, feel energized, rejuvenated mind and an indomitable spirit to live our life to the fullest.

Let us all pledge to allow ourselves the beautiful privilege of solitary time.


© 2020 Shreya MK


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