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Solo Birthday Girls

Updated on June 10, 2012

Birthdays come and go

But for solo girls,

These days can hit us like a Mack truck,

As we feel like sitting ducks

On a day that's supposed to be

Filled with luck!

We know this day just reminds us,

We're another year older...

Another year colder...

With little in the way of fanfare,

Balloons, gifts or calls,

Or a special trip to the mall...

Solo birthday girls know

That they are expected

To just go with the flow...

Play it cool, and smile away...

And embrace the day,

With a warm and happy glow...

Whether we're blue and sad,

Or tickled pink and glad,

It doesn't matter because

Birthdays don't discriminate.

They get you right in the heart,

As they hit you like a dart!

We all know its better,

When we have someone special

Gently whispering in our ear

That they hope we have

A very special day!

But then again, the optimist

Inside all solo birthday girls,

is delightful and gay,

And can see the glass as half full,

In a very special way...

We can thank God,

For family and friends

Who catch us when we fall,

And embrace the beauty of our soul

No matter what day it is,

In winter, spring, summer, or fall.

The beautiful gestures of loved ones

Understand just how we feel

And their hugs, warm smiles,

And support

Keep us real,

In a world where growing old

Is not the greatest deal.

Solo Birthday girls know

Without a doubt that

Love comes in many different ways!

Being thankful for every day

That passes us by

Is the key to making it

when we want to give up

and fake it.

We understand that the gift of life

Is precious

And it is far greater

Than hoping for a special love

That may or may not come

for some

of us solo birthday girls.

Alas a birthday is a birthday,

Rain or shine,

It will always mean one more candle

Added to the cake

Along with one more wrinkle

Added to our face.

The best thing about

Birthdays is that you get

To kiss them goodbye

With a great big smile as you

Get to tell them ever so kindly

With no fear at all,

"Please go away dear,

And don't come back until next year!"


Solo Birthday Girl


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    • Anju Arya profile image

      Anju Arya 5 years ago from India

      Really it sounds good. You are lucky off course. I wish your love continue to be deep and deeper.

    • MissMelissaK profile image

      MissMelissaK 5 years ago from Stuart, Florida

      Thank you Anju. I shared it with my mom and aunt last night. They laughed and said sometimes you're lucky if your husband even remembers your birthday and some men never even whisper sweet nothings on their wife's birthday so there goes my poem, right out the window. lol :)