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Updated on May 4, 2009

The leaves were just changing colors

when we parted ways

the nights grew much colder

but so did the days

Clear, crisp and clean

all that was new in spring

died with the cold that the autumn could bring.

I walked through the park

as the leaves tumbled down

like silent tear drops

they slipped to the ground

an Autumn rainbow

red, russet and brown

and I walked through them briskly

just to make sound.

As it grew colder

the snow came to stay

and washed all of Autumns colors away

and the silence was deafening as it clung to grey

and the nights even longer

as I clung to day.

My fingers make contact with the cold window pane

just so I'll feel something again

but I like the emptiness winter can bring

and I wait

with much trepedation

for Spring.


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    • Moonchild60 profile image

      Moonchild60 7 years ago

      leeberttea - Thank you very much! I appreciate your compliments. It means a lot to me when someone reads my poetry. I was thinking the other day of posting soon as I have TIME...take care.

    • leeberttea profile image

      leeberttea 7 years ago

      This is remarkably well written and full of emotion! Nice work!

    • Moonchild60 profile image

      Moonchild60 8 years ago

      Hi again Sherbet - Thank you. This is actually my favorite.

    • Sherbet Penny profile image

      Sherbet Penny 8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Great stuff, nice flow and beautiful rhythm.

    • Moonchild60 profile image

      Moonchild60 8 years ago

      Oh, how sweet you are Ralwus!!

    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      I read it again and dreamed I was with your holding your hand.

    • Moonchild60 profile image

      Moonchild60 8 years ago

      Thank you all for your wonderful kind words. It truly made my day!!

    • profile image

      LAmatadora 8 years ago

      what a beautifully detailed piece of poetry...I liked it!

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      what a nice, quiet piece of poetry. i like it in all its silence, like the passing of a season. thanks for sharing :D

    • profile image

      nazishnasim 8 years ago

      Your symphony transported me back in time

      my agony got words, which uptil now was mime

    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 8 years ago

      Oh my. You made me cold all over again and winter just over here. haha nice stuff. I walked with you in the park and heard the rustling of dry leaves

    • Moonchild60 profile image

      Moonchild60 8 years ago

      Thank you!!!

    • profile image

      Whikat 8 years ago

      Awesome poem Moonchild 60! You write beautifully. Welcome to hub pages.