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Solve a Problem-Get Over Reader's Block

Updated on July 5, 2016

Dive Back Into That Book

Solve a Problem - Get over a Reader's Block/Writer's Block

Solve a Problem:

One problem that people seem to get from time to time is writer’s block. However, there is another block that people get from time to time called reader’s block. Reader’s block is when you are reading a book, and you cannot seem to get pass that next chapter. Sometimes it’s not just a chapter that’s holding you up, sometimes it’s just a page. Sometimes it can even be a sentence. With this being said, I am going to talk about how to solve the problem of getting rid of a reader’s block. In order to solve your problem, there are a few things you must do.

Why is it important that you finish reading this book: Knowing your purpose for reading the book is what will motivate you to finish reading the book. If you do not know why it is you’re reading the book, then you most likely will have a hard time finishing the book when you hit a roadblock. This works for me when I hit a roadblock when trying to finish a book. I ask myself the question, why am I reading this book. Once I answer this question, I am able to finish the book because I have a purpose.

Writing out a time frame for finishing the book: The next thing you will want to do is write a time frame for finishing the book. This is similar to putting pressure on yourself. If you know that you only have two weeks to finish a book for school before the quiz, you most likely will finish it as soon as possible. Therefore, the same thing goes with getting stuck by a roadblock. To get over the hump, put pressure on yourself. Tell yourself that you want to finish this book in two weeks. Stick to your goal, and finish the book.

Allocate time to finishing the book: The last thing you want to do is allocate time to finishing the book. For example, you might want to set outside two hours every Sunday to read. By doing this you are able to prepare your mind to get ready to read. After doing this, you will see that in no time you will have a book finished.

When I know that I am getting ready to read, I start to relax my mind. I am able to do this because I have allocated time in advance. This is very important, and you will see that in no time you will be able to get over the reading block.

By following these steps you will successfully be able to dive back into a book.


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