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Somali Short Stories Series: The Lion And The Meat

Updated on June 18, 2010

Once upon a time there was a long draught in Somalia and the beasts in the jungle were starving to death. After many technical meetings chaired by the king of the jungle, the lion, the last meeting on how to survive the draught were held at the palace of the king of the jungle, Mr. Lion. In the meeting, it was agreed that whenever there is hunting, it should be done in accordance to the whim of Mr. Lion; it was dictated in the meeting by Mr. Lion that how to share the meat of the killed will be determined by Mr. Lion himself and anyone who oppose it will be punished under the strict laws of Mr. Lion's court.

One day, the day came when there was a kill after a very long days of no food. The one who made the kill was Mr. Haynes who was for many instances angry at the dictatorship of Mr. Lion. Well, Mr. Lion called for a big meeting to decide how to share the meat among the hungry beasts. Mr. Lion talked too much and finally said with fearful eyes, "I need somebody to honestly distribute the meat among the starving beasts". Everyone was silent and afraid if they chose to take the task, Mr. Lion will see it as unfair and punish them. Then Mr. Lion who knew Miss Fox was good at chores like this said, "Fox will do the meat distribution, do you agree with me?", "Yes, sir", everyone rushed with fear. Miss Fox slowly moved towards the meat and started this conversation with Mr Lion agreeing with every word she said:

Miss Fox: Divide it by two

Mr Lion: (roaring) Yeah...

Miss fox: Half goes to Mr Lion

(The rest of the beasts looked angry but hopeless)

Miss Fox: Divide it by two

Mr. Lion: (Still roaring) Yeah...

Miss Fox: Half goes to Mr lion

The fox kept the same pattern till all the meat went to Mr Lion and one small bite was left.

Miss Fox: This is very small bite and goes to Miss Fox!

The rest of the beasts walked away hungry and angry and after the end of the draught, rebelled against the regime of Mr Lion and toppled it.

Lessons to be learned

No matter how powerful, knowledgeable and smart you are, if you exclude others, you will fall of grace, alone and remorseful.



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    • profile image

      myth 5 years ago

      at least with the Lion we had a country. now the whole place is run by hyena's!

    • Abwaan profile image

      Abwaan 7 years ago

      Maybe I was. Thanks, Rossimobis.

    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      I bet you were referring to a past president in this story,No you are not for sure but Mr Lion fits into the shoes of all the past leaders of Nigeria...great hub!