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Some Bunnies Baby.

Updated on March 28, 2017

Some Bunnies Baby.

On the way

home from some

unimportant errand

I swerved on

the dark road

inches from

a huge ditch

and a catapult

into eternity.

But I just missed

hitting three baby bunnies

hip hopping

back and forth

across the road

to their wounded mother

lying half squashed

on the yellow line.

Its back legs

were still kicking,

its body a credit card

with its head still intact

wide eyed and

seconds from

death it writhed.

I stopped the car

with no one else

around me

and wondered at

what I should do?

Finish the job death

had so cruelly started

or simply drive on.

The vet hospitals

simply put wild

animals to sleep,

they did not

treat them.

Sadly her babies had

disappeared into

the bushes

that lined the

ditch along

the road.

The dilemma was

quite troubling

but then the mother

bunny went still,

its big brown eyes

glazing in a sheen the color

of the moonlight

So I drove on

thankful that

I had not hit it,

but saddened

by its passing

on my watch

in this life.

The next morn I

happened to

be driving

in that

same vicinity

and all that remianed

was blood and gore

mixed with soft fur

on the asphalt

no matter whose

fault it was.

But sadly just

inches away

lay the

crushed body

of one of the

baby bunnies,

who had returned

to it's momma

in some moment

of instinct, remorse

or just trembling fear,

and it was also


under the tires of

some passing vehicle

bearing the

last chapters closing

of two

misguided creatures

final journeys.

©-Matthew F. Blowers III


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Cars are so cold and indifferent. Even the horse is alive. But not the automobile and so often not the driver as well. I'm glad you are alive Sir! And not indifferent!