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You Were Never a Friend of Mine Poem

Updated on February 17, 2017

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Questions That Plague

User, mooch, leech, sponge, any one of these nouns can be used to define a person that pretends to be your friend, when they actually have ulterior motives.

Sometimes it can be hard to discover. The person may seem so sincere, yet things aren't adding up right. Or, as with my situation, it's blatant, obvious, rude, usage. I can't help but have many questions about such people when I think about them.

In my own mind I have questions that I've come up with the most plausible answer I could. I don't fully understand the mindset of the user, or their motives. Thus, the answers I have come up with to my questions may be astray. See for yourself some questions that plague me...

  • Are they aware of what they are doing? Most likely.
  • Do they care how the other person may feel when the charade is up? I don't believe so. I think their only concern is the nearest exit.
  • Is this a lifestyle? I would say yes, it's a personality type, which would make it a lifestyle.
  • What about when you clearly recognize user behavior, but they don't, and they disagree? You, as the used, need to bow out, quickly and quietly.

This lyrical poem reflects my experience....

Friend Indeed


Friend Indeed

We were introduced by a mutual friend; I knew not what you intend.

I realized my friendship you did pursue; come hell, or high water, I would be a friend for you.

You came, or called everyday; thank goodness you would never stay.

I was leery of you; "What is she up to?"

To borrow money; it's true.

You'd borrow money you'd promise to repay.

Repay me indeed; I will say.

Then, ask me again, the very next day.

You never came by just to say, "Hi". I was your prey, I was living a lie!

I had become your bank; this really stank!

Then, your mother did pass away; she left you her parlay.

Your calls and visits stopped that very day.

One last time you came my way; to borrow my truck for the day.

You needed to clean up your mothers mess; I lent you my truck I did digress.

You returned it like trash; much less any gas.

Don't deny this is true; this IS what you do!

You wanted money; that's why you were chummy.

I think it's funny.

When you are broke, everything up in smoke, don't look at me, this friendship was a joke.

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you clearly discovered your so called friend was just using you?

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