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Some Great Books Like Divergent

Updated on June 12, 2013

The Books Like Divergent


Dystopia, Dystopia, Dystopia...

Did you love Divergent by Veronica Roth? But now you are finished with the trilogy and you cannot wait to read something else? Are you seeking another dystopian society which you can sink your teeth into? It isn't easy to find new books or find books that give you the same feeling as the last book you read, but you don't want the same feeling as you had before. You want a similar feeling. You want to grow from the books you read and experience new things. I hope this list makes that happen for you.

Dystopian society is a huge genre right now; a lot has been written in the last ten years or so with these sorts of plots. Book lovers will definitely find something else to their liking in the list of books like Divergent below.

Dream Caster by Najeev Raj Nadarajah

This is a fantasy set in post apocalyptic world. Dream Caster is full of new concepts and is very unique in many ways. The story is entertaining and interesting. It begins with the main character, Weaver in his first day preparing as night guard, a position he has worked very hard to attain. On the very same day he finds a survivor. But weaver's dream is cut short as his settlement is attacked and he flees with the partner he found the previous day. The two find a new home and along the way Weaver develop unique powers. He meets new enemies and friends in his new home .When the new home is attacked Weaver uses his powers and sharp wit to save it. In the book Weaver is very smart and relies more on his wits than his super powers and this is what makes him very interesting.

Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld

This is also one of the books like Divergent. Tally the protagonist lives in a world where your 16th birthday brings aesthetic perfection: a procedure which erases all the flaws and transforms you from an 'Ugly' into a 'Pretty'. Tally is on the eve of this significant event, and can't wait for her life to change. As well as offering great looks, life as a Pretty revolves around having a great time. But then Tally meets Shay, who is also 15, but with a very different point of view on life. Shay is not sure if she wants to be Pretty and plans an escape to a community living in the forest; the Rusty Ruins where the Uglies normally go to escape the 'turning'. Tally is not convinced to join her, as this would involve sacrificing everything which she has ever sought after for a lot of uncertainty. However, when Tally is taken in for questioning on her birthday, she gets sent to the Ruins anyway which is against her will. The authorities offer her the worst choice she could ever imagine: to find Shay and turn her in, or will never turn Pretty at all. Tally discovers in the Ruins that there is nothing 'pretty' about those transformations and the choice she makes changes her world forever.

Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

Another book like Divergent is Ashes. A 17 year old Alex is in the wilderness when it happens: an earth-shaking electro-magnetic pulse destroys nearly everything. Those who survive are divided between those who have acquired a taste for human flesh and those who have developed a superhuman sense. The flesh-hunters stalk the land: ruthless, hungry and increasingly clever. Alex meets a young army veteran named Tom, and a lost girl named Ellie, and they will fight together before being torn apart. Alex has to face the most challenging question of all: in such greatly changed world, who can you trust?

So are you looking for books like Divergent? There are so many great books and so little time. Three books were given to you and you may or may not like them. Despite this, I am sure that you will keep looking for new books. If you find some more books like Divergent, I'd love to see them in the comments as I am an avid reader as well.

Check on these books and you will always enjoy the dystopian genre. If you want even more check out books like Divergent.

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