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Some One Told Me: "you r an idiot"

Updated on November 15, 2012
Cross Eyed Crazy Asian Girl
Cross Eyed Crazy Asian Girl | Source
Young Lady Thinking
Young Lady Thinking | Source
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Male Chef Holding Knife | Source
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Asian Man Trying To Break Laptop | Source


This is a free writing. This is starts from a thought, and I don't know where this is going. This will most likely going to sound weird or nonsense. Then why am I publishing this hub? I don't know. Maybe I want to just increase the number of hubs I have published. Maybe I hope that someone like you will read my hub. I don't know, but I am writing. I am not going to care about the grammar or the flow of this writing. So, if you are reading this hub right now, just think that you are having to take a look at someone's thoughts.

HubPages send me an email whenever someone leaves a comment on one of my hubs. Those emails always end up in my junk folder no matter how many times I click on "not junk." Thanks to diligent Hotmail and their ever changing designs, only the designs. But a plus to HubPages emails in junk folder is that they give me a joy of looking through the junk mails. Like finding gold in a junk yard? Maybe, but sometimes I find some important emails in my junk folder other than HubPages comment notices. Oh yeah, yesterday, I found an email from a lady from the church I recently started to go to. She was one of the leaders who lead the bible studies for the new comers to the church. She was in her mid or late twenties. And I heard people (males) calling her the "goddess." I don't know why. I guess people have different preferences. However, the email had a very businesslike tone, saying "This is from the Something Something Church." So I thought that this is the same email that the church sends to everybody who gave them their email addresses. You know, the "classical junk mails." So I open the email and surprisingly, the email was from the lady, the "goddess," and the email was sent from her personal email address. And, the email was written in very personal tone, using emoticons such as :) :( and such, and web languages like lol.

I got distracted while I was writing, and I have lost my train of thought and motivation to write. But if I remember or my motivation to finish this writing overwhelms me in the future, I will try to finish this writing. For then, the thing that got me started with this writing was the comment a random person left on one of my hubs. The comment reads: "you r an idiot."


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    • hyunchang profile image

      hyunchang 7 years ago

      To Kim Lynn,

      Thank you for your comment. You make me feel better. I really don't care about what he/she said about me. Thank you! :)

    • hyunchang profile image

      hyunchang 7 years ago

      To ralwus,

      LOL I do feel like I am an idiot, but I do that little less than when I feel like I'm not! And yeah, I got that comment on the hub that's an exact copy my one of my college biology lab reports. I got an "A" on that report from my professor, so does that mean my professor is an idiot, too? :)

    • Kim Lynn profile image

      Kim Lynn 7 years ago

      Other people's opinion are none of your business.That is,if you don't like them. Only an idiot would write a comment like that. Enjoyed your thoughts but still curious about the Goddess?!?

    • profile image

      ralwus 7 years ago

      I too got many emails from HP placed in the spam folder, yahoo at its best. It took forever for them to stop that and every once in awhile it happens yet again.

      As for the you r an idiot, R U? LOL