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Some Sub Books I Hope J.K. Rowling Will Write...

Updated on September 24, 2011

After re-reading and re-watching the Harry Potter books and movies more than a handful of times, I've found my curiosity piqued in a way that will never be satisfied without more information from J. K. Rowling herself.

I considered writing to her through one of her websites... which I still might do. Though I wonder if doing some writing myself, here on hubpages, might catch her attention sooner (if she's looking for ideas). So I am writing this hub, about some sub-series books that I would love to see written by J. K. Rowling, to add to the wonder of her amazing Harry Potter series..

The University of Wizarding

We all know that Harry wanted to be an Auror (a dark wizard catcher), which would probably be a good fit for him after all he's been through. Though what I want to know, is what does it take to be an auror? On top of that, Harry is still so young at the end of the series and even if you count the time to recooperate from his trials with Voldemort, there's got to be more youthful trouble for him to stir up with Ron and Hermione and the rest of the D.A. - which means they all need to go to college! How about the University of Wizarding?

Hogwarts Without Harry

Just because Harry left Hogwarts, doesn't mean it isn't still there. Though now things have to have changed dramatically. There's no Dumbledor and no Snape. So what is going on there since Harry and the gang left?

I think it would be awesome to see how much Hogwarts has changed and what crazy things are going on in that never quiet castle, and I feel the story should be focused on Ginny Weasley who was a year behind the rest of the gang. Is there a little brother or sister in the Malfoy family that suddenly comes to Hogwarts to make a rukus? Who is the new headmaster or headmistress? Maybe Professor McGonagal got a promotion? Do they allow students in to explore the Chamber of Secrets now that they know where it is?

Sirius's Ghost

No one really knows exactly where that veil in the Dept of Mysteries really led to, though I think the assumption is that it leads to death one way or another. So if we follow that assumption instead of following a tangent about parallel worlds, one has to wonder what happened to Sirius when he died. I doubt that he decided to just let his soul reincarnate into the next life. He was too hot blooded and quick to act, I think he would've chosen to be a ghost before he even thought about what that meant.

So I wonder what he did or would do if he had become a ghost... Maybe he came back to Harry but didn't reveal himself? Or maybe he was lost in some sort of limbo trying to figure out how to get back to communicate with Harry?

Young Albus Dumbledor

Okay, so we know how Albus Dumbledor dies, and there's a fairly good account of what he was doing while Harry was in school. Though there isn't a ton of information about Albus in his younger years. I imagine life had to be pretty interesting for the man who was considered the world's greatest sorcerer. Or at least I wouldn't have ever thought that he could've become the worldest greatest sorcerer without going through many trials of his own....

Also, there seems to be this strange connection between Dumbledor and the brothers Grimm, especially seeing as Dumbledor was carrying around the magic wand of one of the brothers this whole time and we never knew up until the end - how'd that happen?

The Life And Times of Barty Crouch Jr.

He seemed like a snaky S.O.B. from what little we knew of him from the Goblet of Fire, though you know there are always two sides to every story. What made Barty Crouch Jr. so bad and willing to do Lord Voldemorts bidding? How and why did he become a death eater? What was he thinking as he impersonated Mad-Eye Moody?

The Great Adventures of Mad-Eye Moody

Alastar Moody was said to be one of the greatest Aurors who ever lived and appeared to be one of the strongest and craziest good guys around (next to Dumbledor of course). Don't you ever wonder what his life must've been like while he fought dark wizards and witches and helped fight back the foes for the good side?

History of the Order of the Pheonix

From the picture that Sirius shows Harry in the Goblet of Fire, it sure seems like there is a lot of history to the Order of the Pheonix and I feel it would be worth at least a small book. There were at least 100 original members, half of whom we know hardly anything about. I would love to see J.K. Rowling give us the history and beginnings of the Order of the Pheonix.

The Bodyless Quest of Lord Voldemort

It was 13 years that Lord Voldemort traveled around without a body, trying to figure out how to become a little denser... So what was he doing all that time? With his soul split up into so many horcruxes, he couldn't have been able to do much. Though a small part in the series let us know he was temporarily able to inhabit the bodies of animals and other people. Did he just continue to do that until he came across Professor Quirell and then eventually meet with Wormtail?

I don't know about you, but I very much want to know what Voldemort was up to, what he was thinking and planning and how he managed to survive without a body for 13 years.

Dobby's House Cleaning Company

Dobby was a rather enterprising elf if you ask me, and I'd imagine that he inspired to do great things with his life besides working in the castle. What if he started his own business? I bet there is a real market for House Elf House cleaning for witches and wizards who don't have elf's attached to their houses....

Building Hogwarts

Helga Hufflepuff, Rowina Ravenclaw, Godric Griffindor and Salizar Slitherin were the founders of Hogwarts who created the school for their love of learning and wanting to continue that through young witches and wizards. I wonder what it took to build the castle and prepare it for it's first few pupils. How did Salizar manage to have the Chamber of Secrets built in without anyone else knowing? Was the Room of Requirement built in originally, added in later or was it just the by product of the castle taking on it's own sort of life?

What books would you have J.K. Rowling write to add to the Harry Potter series?

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  • Jared Zane Kessie profile image

    Jared Zane Kessie 

    7 years ago from Richland, Washington

    Heck yeah! These are great ideas! I wonder if Pottermore will touch upon any of these.

  • Paradise7 profile image


    7 years ago from Upstate New York

    I like all these ideas: I'm a big Potter fan, myself, and could always use MORE! (Hint, hint, JK!)

  • Stacie L profile image

    Stacie L 

    7 years ago

    These are interesting ideas. It is thought producing and maybe JK Rowling will consider them.

  • hpedneau profile image

    Holly Pedneau 

    7 years ago from Princeton, West Virginia

    I like the idea of the original Order of the Phoenix. I've always said she should do a prequel about Harry's parents when they were at Hogwarts. You'd see a young Snape, Lily, James, Lupin, Sirius, Dumbledore... And it could be all about their adventures at Hogwarts and eventually with Voldemort. It would be fantastic, and it's something I'd love to read.


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