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Some Thoughts On Pages And Wings.

Updated on December 25, 2009


Thoughts On Pages And Wings.  


We are butterflies

but for a short

while in our youth,
emerging from the

cocoon of the womb,
we flit and dance

with merriment,
over vast meadows

of fun and innocence.
Pausing at all the

flowerings of our years,
and suckling

the sweet nectar.

But adulthood,

is written by fate,
it is a bookmark

in the volume

of our lives.
it bids us settle

in and lay eggs,
so that the future

may know more

tiny beauties.

As our wings fail us

and we slow,
we are found basking

wingless in

the warm summer
near the sidewalks

we once hopscotched over.
there we watch our

own little butterflies dance,
rainbows of life

in their eyes,
as ours grow

pale and wane.

Soon once again

we are cocooned,
in silk and mahogany,
then buried deep,

to await heavenly wings.

And so let us pause

at the page that becomes
a turn into adulthood,
and savor all that

we must leave behind.





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