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Some Unsettling Thoughts.

Updated on April 17, 2010


Unsettling thoughts.


So she decided
to settle
Even though
he'd offered
her the most
once in a lifetime
exquisitly rare
one on one encounter
never before
experienced by her
and one that
probably never
would be either
in the choices that
she'd settled for
like dust on
a piano left
Offered once
there was a
classic piece of
stunning, and
notes that moved
and vibrated
rousing passion
and fire from a
single sheet
in couplets
but she chose
a rockabilly
two step
that grated teeth
plank floors
instead of marble
sawdust in place
of rosin
she whirled away
on a whim
just so she could
so much sooner
and not have to
wait for
that symphony of love
to errupt
and carry her
to heights
of ecstacy
most lives will
never know
in their rush
to just grab a score
and sway to it
satisfied by little
yet always just a
little satisfied
a mere
two steps ahead.
unsettling thoughts
in harmonies of one
leap in my head
cavort,and twirl
to my song of songs
for it plays on
still incomplete
and will soon draw
an ear that's
musically attuned
a heart whose strings
await the master touch
a patient whole note
not a sixteenth
scurrying after
hurried rhythms
but rather
a solo act
whose waited for
a melody beyond
the ho-hum
of daily lives
of drab
unsettling thoughts
top the charts
of choices
in my life.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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