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Updated on October 11, 2012


Cant find a reason to sing

Cant find a reason to write

Not sorrow

Not love

Not spite

Cant see whats coming

Coming up right behind

And just before it grabs me by the throat

It shoves a knife into my back

What is this thing

Creeping up behind

And Putting my life to an end

Its the loneliness I've lived with

Since the day I was born

So that's it isn't it

In the end that's what I will write

That's what I will sing

About the loneliness in my heart

That's what I will write

What I will sing

What I will Scream

Cause no one cares enough to put their hand in mine

Or kiss me and tell me it will be alright

No one cares enough to be the one for me

Ive seen love around me all my life

But ive always been one step behind it

And im crying again as I write this

Why is it I cant have what they have

The love of another

A heart to beat with theirs

A hand to hold

Someone to kiss

Why cant I have Someone to free me from my loneliness


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    • profile image

      Janhorner 5 years ago

      I feel your own uncertainty about life itself is coming over in your poems. They are very good. You have created your own unique style and that's a good start. Voted up,