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Something Better to Do

Updated on July 11, 2012
Thanks to Pazmino Photography
Thanks to Pazmino Photography

We say often

loud and clear

there is tons to do

life is near

banging at our door

there is no time to be inert

bills to pay

habits to feed

jobs to do

little hands

little eyes

see the world

in innocent ways

and wonder whether

there is space for them

in our busy worlds

and hectic days

cats in the craddle

and all that wrot

hasn't really moved t he world a jot

yes we shed a tear or two

when we conceive of

"This could happen to you"

So I take this gentle shot

and say "Awake,

look down"

see the trembling lip

the innocent frown

embrace your past

your future

remember when you were there too

know that this

world isn't about number one

know that the future is looking up at you

do you want worse then now

to follow hereafter?

take time know

stop that

and build a better tomorrow

with time

not money

building things

nor the world on a platter

just ticks on a clock

sands in a bottle

Then perhaps

when things turn around

they will do the same

perpetual motion

to a day

when the human race

can look itself in the mirror



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