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Something Silly and Just For Fun Poem...

Updated on September 13, 2021
Statue: "Venus de Milo". One of the most famous works of Ancient Greece.
Statue: "Venus de Milo". One of the most famous works of Ancient Greece.

Is Poetry Art?

It stands to wonder sometimes...What is Art? I once saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car driving along in what I would call an "Artsy" part of my town. It read: "An Artist should not have to apologize for his Art". There is a lot of power in that statement...probably too much power. Civilizations down through History are known by their Art...Greece, for instance. Some have tried to stifle their Artists in the past...Germany, Pre-WWII...for instance. What will my country...or even better my known for...When it comes to ART?

To me it is a simple response: "Art is where you find it!" To prove my point go to any State or County Fair...anywhere across the good 'ol USA. What Art do you see represented for sell at all the Arts and Crafts Merchandise Booths? You see Art that represents that particular area. If you are in will probably see someone making something out of is a given. New bound to have some type of Western or Indian Jewelry with turquoise in it. If you are in Nebraska...I bet you a million will find some kind of Art rendering the use of a Corn Cob. Louisiana...if you don't find something relating to an alligator (in Art form) of merchandise for better check your're in the wrong state! "Art is where you find it!"

Now, Art can go on the negative side, as well. It is up to the Artist. There was once an "Artist" who thought it would be a great idea to fill a cross up with pee. I don't agree with that Artist's notion of how he would portray his Art. But, he (or she)...for dang his true feelings across. "Yuuuk!" Art has power. It reflects the Artist. That particular piece of "Art"...sure reflected that particular Artist. "That's all I'm going to say about that." a quote from Forrest Gump.

What would you say with Art?

I love all forms of Art. I am a somewhat casual fan of Art. I do not go out of my way to study or view it. Yet, it fascinates me! I love to create things myself. Poetry is one of those things. Poetry is Art!

One of Poetry's Greatest Art the Nonsense my Opinion. I would like to write more of it. The funny thing about Nonsense Poetry is that the one's that stick out in my brain as some of the best stuff out there are: Dr. Seuss rhymes and Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky". Both styles are full of nonsensical words that have little meaning...

Or Do They ?

Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky".
Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky". | Source
Stamp with Dr. Seuss and characters
Stamp with Dr. Seuss and characters | Source
What is Art? What is Nonsense? Is Poetry a "Real" Art Form?
What is Art? What is Nonsense? Is Poetry a "Real" Art Form? | Source

'Tis frillious and banterful to play with words not studied in School...

Besnot...the perflexing of genuine syllables...used fool!

It is not for you alone to say: "Nay"...

Let them that imagine not...Go on their mertookulus way.

A celestial domain of antonyms and synonyms remain...

Yet look at you...You try to resist...You show refrain...?

'Tis a glorious Art Form...these words so devine...

Besnot....and hither no more...You bother my configurest mind !

For time has shown the way of you...

But I am alive...All my words renew.

For meaning...I may tell you not... twiggerest lang...with what it is you got.

Leave the Artful Nonsense to them...who discern more into their brain...

And leave the ones who dispuy blatant simplistic complainings...Crying in the rain.

For We Are They...Who like to think that Nonsense is the rule of the day...

If you do not believe me...Then look at what it takes to earn your week's pay.

Full of rules and politics...and things that were supposed to have been done "yesterday"...

Do you think I kid of these things...Try telling your want to get things done your way.

It will become apparent then...and for many a time to come...

That if you want to make things happen...You better do things the way they has to be done. its purest...clearly has already been formed...

I laid the groundwork...See the Nonsense...You've been warned.

But, Let's get back to some Fun with Words...

And not think of the tersmurific nerds.

'Tis fun to let yourself go...

Where your own all that you know.

So be demuted for what you might say...

And write your own dang words to your Poetry...Anyway !

'Cuz...It has been Fun to add a quimergly strange word here and there...

If you don't think Poetry is an Art Form...I don't care.

Besnot...the fact that you are not able to add two plus two...

For I pledge to write Poetry as an Art form...Whoodle dee doo!

And laugh at the Nonsense that I knew...I knew...

And smiggitingly Howl at the Moon...that this one is through !

"And smiggitingly howl at the moon..."
"And smiggitingly howl at the moon..." | Source

© 2011 ManlyPoetryMan


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