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Something less then Decent. -3 short poems

Updated on March 12, 2010


Something Less Than Decent.


From decent

to descent,

requires only the

addition of an s,
whether it be from
sobriety to being soused,
sensuality to selfish lust,
sweet love to spitefulness,
strong stamina

to sniveling coward
like the s which

turns in its form
to the opposite direction,
we are but one

swerve away
from the indecency

of shameful,
sullied and

smirched acts
Mind your P's and Q's,
but also strive

to beware
of making an S
out of yourself.











Abbra- cadaverous.


When her fingers began
to look like her pencils,
and her poems trailed off
into hours long sleep-like dazes,
she suspected something was wrong.
But the mirror was a liar.
It showed a hearty, healthy,
overly plump young lady
glaring back at her each day.
She spewed stomach acids
in offerings to the porcelain god,
and ate such minuscule portions,
leaving no body fat to sustain her
as her body began to

devour her own organs.
The hollow cost of her

search for perfection,
left her emaciated corpse,
bent over the commode
in the school ladies room.
it was on one Monday in January,
when her heart could no longer
overcome the strain of regurgitation.
Her peers found her half in, half out
like a swizzle stick balanced
on the rim of an un-flushed toilet,
and just about as un-pretty
as a girl could get.
They buried her 68 pound body,
in a closed coffin,
and over the next several years
she lost all the rest of her
both real and imagined fat,
until she was nothing
but skin and bones,
then just bones.....
then dust.










The Ice Follies.


Beyond this portal
lies a dank repository
for the unclaimed deceased.
Its remains are sealed tight 
to keep away the living, 
the dead themselves
aren't prone to travel.
A large refrigerated enclosure,
holds stainless steel tables,
cradling shrouded mounds.
Knees tremble here,
hopes collapse,
and hearts break
when bitter truths
are uncovered
and given a face.







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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Great stuff. How many times have I made an s out of myself?