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Something to complete us

Updated on March 11, 2017

Everybody is looking for that something that makes them complete .....

When found that thing

It makes you fly without wings

For some it's every morning when sunrise falls on their face

For others it's in coming first in a race

Some find it in their children's face

For some it's found in a friend ship deep

The fruits of which when they reap

Some find it when love for some one in their heart does seep

It gives them the feeling of warmth in their heart deep

Finally we all want to sleep

Feeling within us a sense of being complete

When we find that thing

It makes us fly without wings

For someone it's pouring down rain that makes their heart sing

Some times it's in the words of others we find that thing

Their words make us laugh and cry

Cannot forget them how much ever

we may try

Finally it's all about that feel

The feel which the vacuum within us helps to deal

And the feeling of being complete in us it seals !


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