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Sometimes Choices Are Beyond Our Control

Updated on December 27, 2011

In life, many times we are in control of the choices that we make. These choices simply come down to deciding upon something from the left column or the right column of the "Life Menu."

Sometimes the choices are simple ones; What pair of pants am I wearing today? What tie do I wear with this shirt? Coffee or Tea with my English Muffin?

Those are everyday choices, simple choices that aren't too earth shaking. They don't effect the world on a global level. The stock exchange won't drop 200 points because I chose not to shave today. But what about the choices that we have no control over?

You can't control who your parents are. We're all aware of this already, this isn't something new...but because of this sometimes we are born with problems that may be overtly hidden in our genetics and may never present themselves. But then there are the moments they do present and can make one's life less than perfect...and we have no control over whether a genetic problem happens or doesn't happen.

We do have choices about how we react to these problems when they manifest thou. It's simply amazing what the human spirit is capable of doing when it's given a wide berth, when it's unrestrained, when we allow it to exceed what we normally think are impossible odds.

I was diagnosed with a vascular condition more than three years ago now. I had to take several medications when I first came home back then, and today I take two for that problem. I also have Neuropathy, so I take a medication for that also, and I have COPD, so I take two different meds for that also.

This year was a year of transition for me. I started to do freelance writing to earn a living...a career change, a lifestyle change...and I still dealt with the issues of my health. My COPD has gotten a worse this year and has caused me to have several severe asthma attacks, and my neuropathy has effected me a bit more this year also. I guess my human spirit was strong enough to get me through this, but everyone is different also.

My daughter didn't have a choice about who her parents were.

Two years ago now, she was diagnosed with a blood born condition, and she has had to make her own choices about how to deal with her condition. As a parent, all I could do was watch on the sidelines and hope that the choices she made were the right ones. It was the only choice I was the only choice afforded me.

I've seen my child's spirit take flight at times and at other times lose it's altitude...and all I could do was lend my support, it was my only choice, a choice that I was able to make because the other choice was unthinkable...a choice that others make stop hoping, to stop just give in to the despair that comes with dealing with an enemy that can't be defeated, because in this case there's no cure for her condition...there's no cure for my condition either.

We both had no choice in who our parents were, but the human spirit doesn't simply chooses to soar above it all...that's it's own choice.


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    • animekid profile image

      animekid 5 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi Nia.

      Thanks for the kind words. It's about 12:30 am Thursday when I'm replying to your comment, from my office as the wind howls's amazing how just a few simple words can warm you inside, even as the winds outside remind you of just how cold the outside world can really be.

      I just returned home from getting my wife from her job, and I was getting ready to lie my head down on my pillow and end my busy day when I decided to check my emails and found that you left a comment here. It's amazing how the web is always awake and alive somewhere across the world isn't it? :)

      Thanks for making my day end with a smile.

    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

      Animekid, this is why I love you so much. Whether you write about yourself, you family or graphic novels I love, you are so passionate and real, deep and full of spirit. You are blessed and your daughter too, just for having you as a father and more.

      Keep your spirits and faith high. The way of life is love and hope, Light and smile.

      Sometimes, it is cold, sometimes, we cry, then we realized that we have passed the storm and that taking one day at a time with the strength within is OK.

      I send you guys a lot of positive energy, let them vibrate around and into you.

      Take care and keep up the good work. When I read you I smile, I frown, I live... your words put light in this world.

      Love and peace to you all