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Where Dream[er]s Go To Die

Updated on August 5, 2017
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VOC is a poetry/fiction writer with no concept of time or reality, who wants to save the world, but hates cardio. Heroes always have to run.


Where Dream[er]s Go To Die

Paper planes with clipped wings skip

over my crowded graveyard--dilapidated ideas resting

restless in their bedrock tombs--haunting me

with lives they never lived.

There is a headstone waiting for all

abandoned thoughts--cracks in the sidewalk,

runway's end--this is where I'll be caught.

Between empty pages, I'll make my amends:

The harder I write, the less there is

of me.

I have become a ghost

inside my own words. Blue-penciled poetry

with flourishing imagery, speaks no louder

for its pretty pictures.

Rough drafts that were never written,

doused in midnight oil, crash like paper planes,

their pilots dreaming

grass-is-greener metaphors

are waiting for them on the other side

of the windshield.

Sometimes I Edit Myself Out Of My Poetry

I used to have this awful habit of demanding too much of myself. I started writing poetry for the sheer love of self-expression, but then I joined an online writing forum. A lot of the more veteran writers there had poems that were so polished and brilliant, and I wanted poetry like that, too.

I would edit my words, trying to perfect the images, the language used, until it was a glorious piece of pretty pictures, all wrapped up with a neat little bow. I would take every comment I got and incorporate it into the poem, until I had satisfied every reader's desires for my masterpiece.

Some of my poems did turn into something to be proud of, but most of them just turned into this chiseled sculpture of metaphors and similes that didn't even have the same meaning as was first intended, and I ended up abandoning most of them, because I didn't know what to do, after that.

I'd taken all the suggestions I got, and I couldn't figure out what was still wrong, but now I know. In trying to please everyone, I'd lost myself. It's not enough just to be pretty. You have to be full of something worthwhile, too. I guess this doesn't just apply to poetry, does it? It applies to people, as well.

Have any of you ever tried so hard to make the rest of the world happy, that you forgot about your own worth in the process?

© 2013 TheVoiceOfCreation


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