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"Sometimes" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on May 22, 2014


I don't know why I do it


Trying to make God smile

I don't care what he thinks

Just another thing that's better than me

Yet I still wake and grab my brush

Just because I have nothing better to do

I could go help out at a soup kitchen or save a tree

But I'm selfish and keep on painting sunsets

Trying to find the right mix

Colors shouldn't matter but they do

Sometimes I turn the canvas to muck to mire to mud

Sometimes I wanna scream

Sometimes I wanna cry

Sometimes I wanna die

When nothing good comes and I'm alone and I want a rush

But nothing but mud poors out of my brush

Inspiration lost in the landslide

Cascading down

Wiping out the tree line and flowers

Finding me at the bottom

Ruining my day

The one that set out be something

Sometimes the day brings nothing

I feel this all too often

The mud between my toes

Rising to my waist

Up to my eyes In mania

The mud keeps me still

The mud keeps me humble

The mud protects me from myself

Sometimes I feel nothing like this

Sometimes i am a beam of light

Traveling to a place where I get to see everything for what it is

Sometimes I'm stuck here with the rest of you


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