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Somewhere Between The Measured Spaces Of Bubbles Blown.

Updated on April 5, 2017
The Titanic.
The Titanic. | Source

Some thoughts on a massive loss of life never to be forgotten.

Somewhere Between

The Measured Space

Of Bubbles Blown.

It was slain

by the dragging

as it ruptured

across a spear of ice

that shattered

steel bolted plates,

while fine china

in the pantry

settled unbroken

to the bottom.

Flesh spilled like tears

from it's wounded sides,

as it shed small

and large pieces

of it's legacy

into the icy waves.

Women and children

by the hundreds below decks

inhaled the salty tang

of a liquid death.

How many

breathless kisses

must have

been planted

on rosy cherub cheeks?

How does a

mother promise

hope in the face

of utter despair?

Cowards covered

thier heads in scarves

and scarfed up

space on the few

lifeboats left

their methods of fleeing

a suffocating death.

I might have

beaten them senseless

in the bow of the lifeboat

and fed them to the sharks.

But I was not

slated to perish

with the souls

that fled that tragedy.

My time lies

somewhere ahead unseen

in the vast icy

fields of death

across which I

now float carefree.

With agonizing groans

that huge monster

of steel and suffering,

was swallowed whole

sucking the misfortunate

and the most

fortuned as well

into a whirpool

of nevermore.

The wails of the dying

expired s l o w l y

in breathless,

frozen gasps,

as the tiny boats

bearing the

haunted survivors

sailed away

from the many hopes

that floated facedown,

each gazing wide-eyed

at the nothingness below

long after they

had embraced it.

There was nothing

Titanic about it

except the numbers

of the dead

who perished on

that April 12th

107 years ago


Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

©-2017 Matthew F.Blowers III


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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      that was a different angle on a subject that is often wrote about ... nice one