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Somewhere Near A Carnival At A Strip Mall Parking Lot.

Updated on March 6, 2010


Somewhere at a carnival in a strip mall shopping lot.

Jiggin and jouncing,
both hands

shoved deep

in my pockets
fingers secretly


private anguish
in a Porta-Potty line
21 folks long.

looking like

Micheal Jackson in heat,
I do a clogging l

eft leg wiggle,
and moonwalk

my butt cheeks,
wishing I had a

frickin rubber band,
I'd wind it tight

around that
persistent snake
and seal the pain
of not being

able to hiss
into the porcelain

god's face,
in the next

three seconds!

Now I'm hopping

up and down
on tippy toes, and

bending way down
to hold it all in snug,
and suddenly
people walking

 by are throwing

dollar billsat me 

they think I'm dancing!!??

I start to laugh but

that makes me
want to go pee

some more,
do girls pray f

or a small cork,
when mother

nature turns on
the waste water

management equipment.

Dark shade in the

distance calls to me,
but it would be obvious

scrambling from a

toilet lie to the woods 
and a couple

of scrawny locust trees
lining the parking lot

wouldn't hide
my feeling bladder

real soon.

Only 18 people to go,
but the next guy up in line
came out of Taco Bell,
two blocks down

ten minutes ago
after a five burritos
for two bucks special,
and he's looking

like a walking taco,
We could be here for eons>

Of course this

being one of
those annoying

picky places to shop
you have to buy

something to pee,
signs are up in

all the windows,
and I'm flat broke
from the

carnival booths.

Then suddenly I spy

a two litre bottle
of Mountain Dew,
empty in a

nearby trash can,
and my car

ten rows away.

I sneak

quietly over
and quite

James Bond like,
remove its

promised refill.

Two minutes

later I'm a bottler
of a rather

non-mountain dewish
type of liquid

as I cap a rather
full bottle of

my pain released
smiling at the

blissful solution
and wondering

where I will dump it
as I head on

out for home.








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    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      You are really something else. Your mind and the way you think is fascinating and funny. Thanks.