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Song Bird Delight

Updated on February 27, 2017

Song Bird Delight

Sweet fragrant melodic tones

Through the trees they go

Searching for tiny food to fill there beaks

Singing beautiful songs of delight

As a beacon of hope in love's fruition

The vast domain of nature's beckoning call

Soaring through the air for all to see

Amidst love's duration an opened door

Traveling through a magical interlude

We search for joy out of self to please

Yet look at how beautiful a song bird receives the sweet message of love

Shaped through Lavender decorum a will to survive

We each must never relent to ever give up on the fight

Silence etched through a doorway of promise

Beautiful birds with colors of illumination

Spreading there wings as a unique promise of delight

Precious Moments In Nature

A pulse resonates out on the patio

To reach love's full duration

A promise that was made in the dark has come to light

Lines formed in there vast duration

The heart is an open door by which to explore

A challenge to be free is a question to shine

Nature can remove the scales to all that is sad

A look at a twilight sun that has tainted my inner vision


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