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Song Lyrics - Occupyin' Blues

Updated on October 17, 2011

It’s their tea
So don’t take it
The ones who got nothing
Want someone to share it
Where they sit
No matter
The whole thing
Will just get swept
Under another rug

The limo’s are full
Of unrepentant braces
Full of themselves
Throwing dimes at the faces
Of the poor
But they’ll be back
And take that too
Because the money
Is for them
And not for me
And not for you

They think it’s over
You got your rights
So why you complainin’
It was better
When they were sayin’
You was a lazy good for nothing
Now they think it’s fixed
You see yourself
In a big White House
But it’s no big thing
To them

There’s no hoses or whips
Instead you get pink slips
Maybe it’s better now
Instead of stringin’
They just singin’
That song about boot straps
And all
So it’s just words
They don’t hurt
Do they?

There’s a problem though
Some of the complainin’
By folks who were never livin'
On the streets like poor folk
Is getting’ a little close to home
‘Cause they look like them
Acted like them
Except now they’re not
And they’re lookin’
‘Cause they know the game

But there’s no guiltin’
No remorsin’
About lootin’
Or pollutin’
No sir
They might be pausin’
‘Cause your causin’
Some kind of ruckus
But they’ll be back to schemin’
And you’ll be dreamin’
‘Bout the time you thought
You was somthin’
On the streets
And occupyin’
While the police was arrestin’
The gutter rats for nothin’
But exercisin’
Their rights to be assemblin’
It's right there
In the Constitution
Or so they were sayin’


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