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Commuting to work - Poem about you

Updated on August 4, 2017

Song of the Commuter - You'll empathise with the words

The writer presenting a story to the Penshurst Probus Club, May 2010
The writer presenting a story to the Penshurst Probus Club, May 2010

Written 28th June 1973 - Not much changes, eh?

Welcome to Commuting to Work - a poem about you.

I don't know whether this falls into the category: humorous poems. It is a bit intense. However I'm sure that many a bard attempts the humorous poem only to fall short. So here goes...

A strident time-piece near our bed,

Brings wandering soul to its body of lead;

Then, from blankets warm we heave our flesh,

To start a working day afresh.

Raw, razor-nicked faces, water-splashed eyes,

Thick hands fumble our neckties;

Coffee, toast, the radio’s news,

We must away, there’s no time to lose.

The Commuters' Song...ah...the commuter's song...continues

Raincoats on and brollies poised against the driving rain,

Into the crowded, routine bus, the same old rattly train;

Cares nose into traffic streams, scooters join the throng,

Engines roar and hooters blare, ‘tis the Commuters Song.

Squealing tyres, shrieking brakes, the noise of the exhausts,

We’ve got to get to work on time no matter what it costs;

Pedestrians, holdups, traffic jams, tempers start to fray,

The wailing of an ambulance- it’s another working day.

Only you can take the action to take you away from all this

Gnarled hands clasping hand-straps, years of travel spent,

Destined to travel to and fro that they might pay the rent;

Young hands holding newspapers, with no thought of what’s ahead:

Half a century of commuting, retirement, then they’re dead.

With noses pressed against the window-glass we journey through our lives,

To arrive at our dull and routine jobs, and return home to our wives;

Filled with seemingly useless strife, we curse the treadmill of our life,

Unaware we’re here to learn the grace... that God expects of His Human Race.

Awful, aint it? Thank the Lord I'm enjoying the seven day weekend

I hope that you enjoyed reading one of my so-called humorous poems, The Song of the Commuter A poem about you. And I'm happy about the fact that it no longer refers to my own lifestyle. But 'hang in there.' Chances are you will make it to 'retirement' too. And the Commuters Song will be just a memory to you.

I hope you enjoyed Commuting to Work - A Poem About You.

Keep smiling...


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  • profile image

    Tom Ware 

    8 years ago

    Thanks for the comment eugene90.


  • profile image


    8 years ago

    i like that story


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