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Song of the rain

Updated on March 5, 2017

Song of the rain

From tall buildings on seats of leather,
The forecast predicted stormy weather,
As the clouds darkened the sky,
Threatening to erase the kingdom of lie,

Now as the first drop of rain on ground lay waste,
Everyone started running around in haste,
To their destination taking every shortcut they could take,
As if the existence of their entire being was on shake,

Only one postman, cycling in front of every closing shop,
Was able to hear the falling of every single rain drop,
As the fragrance of the wet mud his nose invade,
Just a single whiff, all his worries slayed,

Few can see the frogs croack, the flowers dance,
Special eyes are required to see the peacock's stance,
In this world, where morality is going down the drain,
Special ears are required to hear the song of the rain..


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