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Songs of the Night: Narrative

Updated on June 29, 2017
HLKeeley profile image

HL Keeley has received a Bachelors Degree in Middle Grades Education. She is currently teaching high school.

Bugs were drawn to my face as I sat reading my book outside. I loved the night. It was quiet and dark. The sun is unforgiving on my skin and eyes. The noisiness of people takes a toll on my ears. Even at night when people are going down to bed and nature is more comfortable coming out, there is still the constant reminder of people with the sound of air conditioners, airplanes, cars honking, and even the buzz from the streetlights.

In such a busy world, you would not think that people could be so lonely. I am. The loneliness is in my head as many have told me. I need to keep busy with exercise or playing video games or reading. I am trying to read, but I am distracted by a bug struggling to roll over. It is a loud bug and has been flying erratically. My dog looks on with curiosity. These are my distractions from my thoughts. These two wonderful creatures. They provide company when I am sad. They entertain me when I am bored.

I remember when I first brought my dog home. The cat was so jealous. He stayed outside most the time while the dog got familiar living with me. I also got familiar with having a puppy. I have never had a dog for this long, but when she is gone, the darkness sneaks back. She is my little light in the darkness. She is always there. The cat brings me home presents which I gratefully flush down the toilet or if I am even luckier to get a present that is alive, it gets swept outside.

My animals can be my guardian angels in hiding. This started out as a short story, but became a blissful narrative of my night. The loneliness and darkness was to be combatted by the archangel Cassiel as a presence to a young man who was working to become an author.

How funny how a story can change or did it?

Behind the Scenes: Writer Workshop

The actual guardian story mentioned in this will be published soon. I was working on it, but I got distracted and ended up writing this piece in the middle of the story. This part will actually be in the story, but not as lengthy.

This is to show that stories do change in the process. How you think it starts is not necessarily how it will end.

This is a great metaphor for life as well. Sometimes, you cannot choose the ending.

I was writing this piece outside which is where I focus best. I also focus best at night. However, bugs are the death of me and they keep attacking me which is why my animals become handy and amusing. My cat loves to try to catch the bugs and my dog tries to eat the bugs.

This is completely rough and not edited! I did not revise. This is the first draft.

Author's Notes

1. My dog does have a cone on. She just had surgery on her back legs last Friday, so I am trying to keep her awake as late as possible. She sleeps all day. This has kept me home and packing for my big move as well as writing.

2. The next short story will be more personal which is why this little flash fiction was written. It is easy to project my own personal stuff into the character. I thought this was too much for the story, but I loved how I wrote it and wanted to share. I think it also shows my growth in writing. Also shows that I actually am planning out my stories more. I used to just write them on HubPages and then share.

3. The next story will be publish by June 5th! Title is pending until it is completed and revised.

What do you like better cats or dogs?

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 7 months ago

      I miss our cat as he kept me company most evenings. I enjoyed reading your short story. You have a couple of sweet pets!