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Songwriters Needed to Write Songs - Inquire Within

Updated on March 18, 2016

My Father Was Listening to the Radio

There was a song playing. I believe the year was mid seventies. It was, as I recall, a Beatles song. You know the one that has lyrics that say something like:

"Someone's knocking on the door. Someone's ringing the bell. Do me a favor, open the door and let them in."

My father looked at my mother in amazement and said, "Martha!! I missed my calling. I could have come up with that song!"


Coulda shoulda woulda.

Don't we all listen to the radio sometimes and wonder how they got started. Some get started at a local bar. Some get started because they know someone that just happens to know how to get started.

If you go to school for music, I can only assume that they give you employment help and scholastic encouragement.

Music in the Blood

I think about how many people that my sister knew that were into music. She met her one and only husband in Tacoma, Washington, when she moved out there shortly after high school. He was from a band that played in the area. She met him in a park and she was thankful that he let her hang around and listen to him play. His brother has made it to the Grammy Awards and plays Hawaiian music. George Kahumoku, Jr.

Little did she know her life was about to change. Moving to Hawaii. Children. Band meetings. Babies on the way. Twins.

My husband, on the other hand, has a great grandfather that a grandmother who had a sister who had a grandson that ended up in the music spotlight, playing years and years of wonderful music. If you look at him in the right light, there is a family resemblance to my husband's great grandfather. None to Jim since his grandfather was adopted by the original man and so any resemblance would be by unnatural coincidence, not by reality. Kenny Rogers.


Songwriters Needed gets you a list of people looking for people who write songs. It's hard to say how many are current, since the internet keeps records of everything that has happened since it began, but,

it's a start for a budding song writer.

Some Musicians Looking for Publishers

Like this man, a Veteran, the plea was found on Facebook today. He writes:

Denny needs your HELP: "I've been writing songs since 1965; took a guitar to Vietnam; had a three-piece "folk-rock" group in Kauai. I've written around 200 songs, I keep 40 in a notebook, 20 are real good, 10 are excellent. It's every songwriters dream to get one song "out there", that's my dream as well. But I need an agent. I'm not the entertainer guy, I write songs. I need an agent for my songs. If anyone out there can help, I'd appreciate it." ~D.
(pic is of Denny as a little boy w/his first guitar heart emoticon ) PLEASE SHARE

He shouldn't have to beg. Does anyone have the means to help him out? He can be reached through the social media through his wife - Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


Sometimes you can find gigs on Craigslist. Sometimes you can place an ad on the same and find people looking to help you out.


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