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Sonnet IV. Duties Without Powers is ... Perplexing

Updated on July 13, 2017
Lord of Poetry profile image

World's lone sonnet grandmaster. Shakespeare's Sonnet 1 describes him as “the world’s fresh ornament and only herald to the gaudy spring."

It's nice to scribble sonnets once again.
It's just like cruising through familiar roads.
The passing years wrought changes and it bodes
propitious for the Golden Prize to win.

We're now here at the observation post
of the Lone Herald to the Gaudy Spring
where many things are seen as if a king
guards eagle-eyed his realm and the coast.

But I'm not wielding powers in my hands.
All that I have are duties to perform.
I wonder how the world I can transform:
just by mere fiats, edicts and commands?

Maybe I'd wait or else should learn the art
of making bricks without straw, hardest part.

— Jose Rizal M. Reyes
February 5, 2017

rhyming pattern: abba cddc effe gg
sonnet type: English Canadian


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