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Shock in Our Society: Is This the Right Direction for Our Children?

Updated on September 10, 2017
GASOLINE GAS profile image

Gasoline gas is a writer and a poet working for English press publishing company.

Sons and daughters of the devil

Fathers' labor like donkeys,

Mothers' labor like slaves,

Sisters are slaves of pleasure,

Aunties are leisure toys,

Religion is a booming business

Souls are sold to the devil,

Preachers preaching money,

The political class preaching hatred,

Brothers rising against each other,

The elites trading deceit,

Brains caged,

Satan is happy.

The devil claims dominion over our fatherland,

Dust of our land smell blood,

Blood of innocent souls offered as ransom in exchange of egos.

Innocent souls lying six feet under,

Yearning for justice for the living dead,

We are enemies of our fatherland!

Servant hood is destitute,

Service to humanity orphaned,

Cries of the suffering is music to the high and mighty,

Shrines are desolate,

This is a land of broken dreams,

Fairness is alien,

The innocence of our young daughters taken away,

They lie at the sick bay waiting for their death,

Their cries are too weak to reach our ears,

We hear their cries but ignore,

We are too busy defending egos,

They have become music to the high and mighty.

We wait to sing praises at their memorial.

The soil of the earth waiting to swallow them,

The soil of the earth is their peaceful home,

Solace of their dreams, dreams that will never be...

At least it welcomes everybody,

It does not discriminate like our fathers do.

Blind condemned,

We are too blinded by cynicism to see their suffering.

The hearts of the innocent bleed,

Wounds on their frail hands stink,

Their feeble legs are swollen,

They can no longer walk,

But they Crawl a mile,

They get a gallon of water to quench their thirst,

The high and mighty use gallons to dust their smelling feet,

Their cries are music to the high and mighty.

The morals of the high and mighty stink,

Their ears are full of wax,

Dignity is defiled,

They have blood money on their left hands,

They shake the preacher's hand with their right,

They snatch the little the sufferings have,

They purchase honor with their money,

They purchase dignity with their diamonds,

With a few cents, they are called holy,

We sacrifice the innocent for their ransom,

With a few pennies, they become innocent,

The innocent become guilty,

The guilty become innocent,

The accused becomes the accuser,

The accuser becomes the accused.

We kiss the dust of their smelling feet,

When they kiss the dust, they become saints,

The air is polluted,

Drums of war,

Songs of hatred,

Us and them,

Us against them is our new worship song!

We trade sanctity of life with a glass of champagne,

With a pint of red, wine our vomit smells hate,

And our sweet smell resentment.

With two pints of French wine, we kill a brother--

We kill our dignity--

We become sons and daughters of the devil,

With a holiday at the land of the blue delta--

We bless the wicked and curse the holy in equal measure,

With a metallic blue limousine, we lick the vomit of the wicked,

Master ensuite is our new word,

Comfort and serene environment,

Jacuzzi and ample parking for us,

Dignity and sanctity of life belongs to the streets,

Holiness belongs to the dogs,

Honesty is alien,

I don't care--

I don't mind are our new words.

We have become sons and daughters of the devil,

That is what we've become.



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    • GASOLINE GAS profile image

      GASOLINE GAS 4 months ago from AFRICA

      It's really disturbing.

    • profile image

      James Nyagaraj 4 months ago

      Where are we headed? Oh my!