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Sorry TWILIGHT Vampires.....

Updated on March 12, 2011

......or any other Vampire tales ....

....that come along in print or on the silver screen. I'm partial to Anne Rice and feel she has covered the spectrum to the degree that anything that follows is mere titillation, and could only have gotten there 'success' if not being for her base of inspiration.

Yes, she could have only gotten where she is if not for the master Bram Stoker, but, I feel, there can only be so many new ideas and variations to the theme to bite on before you loose the theme entirely.

One can only make their Vampire so human until they aren't what their intended to be any longer, and loose their intended shock value. Today's Vampires are a breed that are politically correct. They don't kill, they raid the nearest blood bank. They're able to go out in the sun. They fall in love. They have a heart. They have sex. They have jobs. They have friends they don't want to kill. They sleep in beds.

Granted, Anne Rices's character Louis (played by Brad Pitt in 'Interview with a Vampire') had a heart, killed animals for a time instead of humans and wanted the immortality without paying the price. But this was short lived, he grew up, as it were, and came to grips with what he truly is and went on with his 'life.' The Neo-Vampires of today are wimps and never get a grip. Soon they'll have Vampire that arn't called Vampires but called something nicer.

Bram Stroker may have spun in his grave with Anne's more likable interpretation, but he damn sure popped out of his grave with theses pretty, liberal, spineless reproductions of this century. This new-age Vampire is a sign of our cultural deterioration. I'm surprised they don't have any Vegan Vampires, or maybe they do.

It was all down-hill after the 'Blade' sagas, starring Wesley Snipes. Imagine; a Vampire killing his own kind because what, it's the right thing to do. Give me a bloody break here.


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    • johnwindbell profile image

      johnwindbell 7 years ago from - the land of beards and buggies

      Thanks for passen by Betty. I think, and I'm not a pro, but it all curdles down to the fear of death. Teens are becoming aware, or letting themselves be aware of the fact, and thus escaping in vampireism. I know I did with Ann Rice. Had myself convinced, due to her great writing. But hey; the teens are reading, which is a BIG plus. Frankly I don't care what my Daughter reads as long as she reads and keeps her head out of the TV.

    • Betty Johansen profile image

      Betty Johansen 7 years ago

      An interesting hub. I've never followed any vampire stories except the Twilight series and, as a teacher, I checked it out because some of my students were so gaga over it. My strongest impression was that the relationship between the two main characters was pathological. I believe in love, but their relationship was more like an addiction. Anyway, I hope today's youngsters don't look to Twilight as the model for their own relationships.

      Thanks for following me. I'm looking forwad to following you, too.