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A Soul Letter - Part Five

Updated on May 16, 2018
BibiLuzarraga profile image

PERSONALLY, I could use a mental, emotional, physical and personal vacation after working for years; I love the novel 'The DaVinci Code';

Two Essential Quotes to live by;

I really liked those quotes you enclosed; especially the first one about the stars and the mud. I loved the second one; it reminds me of that other quote I love: "the mind is like a parachute; it only functions when it is open;"

Very much like, "The Heart and Soul only function when the Heart and Soul are functioning at Divine Optimal Levels"-BibiLuzarraga.

Homeopathy works!

Oooh, that must sting like a bitch;

Cold sore remedies are: Sage Tea, Vitamin C, Goldenseal root, Alum and Pineapple juice (oooh, that must sting like a bitch) Anbesol cream also works well;

Yesterday's News (NYC, 1995AD);

Hi B,

? How are you; I've learned much since my days working for Expeditors International. BACARDI taught me much; the folks at BACARDI were an intelligent ad professional bunch which I sorely miss but will overcome eventually; I must write a 'Thank You' note to my previous boss, whom I nicknamed "Taz" (as in, Tasmanian Devil, ha) My former boss gave the Human Resources Manager at Makovsky Public Relations where I work, a rave review of me; he is a Leo.

Today is Manfredo's birthday; I had written it in my little agenda several months ago; funny, I had forgotten; I'll send him a note tomorrow;

Thanks for the tip on the Peppermint Tea; would you believe that we had a box of twenty-five teabags we did not know what to with at all anyway; we usually reach for other tea flavors; by the way, the other day Andy asked me, "Is [Peppermint Tea] good for canker sores", so, to answer his question, I referred to my Herbs & Things book; turns out, Peppermint Tea is nog good for canker sores;

Cold sore remedies are: Sage Tea, Vitamin C, Pineapple juice (oooh, that must sting like a bitch,) Goldenseal root and Alum>Anbesol cream also works well;

I love that book [Herbs & Things]- whenever something ails you, do not hesitate to call; I use that book very much; there are many home spices, flowers and oils that treat very well; it's homeopathy, right? Beauty treatments for more than you'd imagine at a fraction of the cost compared to store-bought 'natural' [packaged, marketed] concoctions;

Last Saturday, Andy treated me to dinner in the Meat District which is a very seedy area in New York City (hooker and drug addicts hang out there;) it's a great place he's been frequenting for quite awhile; lunches, mostly; he discovered it one day while 'on location;' the restaurant is a Spanish tavern with wonderful cuts of meat and seafood for very affordable prices; there are only eight (8) tables upstairs so reservations are recommended; we were pretty lucky being that I speak an unaccented Spanish perhaps. Andy's bloodied filet mignon was delectable as well as the juicy sangria we toasted; fownstairs they played Spanish grassroots music while upstairs, they played Gloria Estefan, Enigma and The Gypsy Kings; it is a rather hip place unknown among "Villagers" (residents of The Village in NYC;) anyhow, we'll take Mom and David to that place when they come to visit;

Since I began working, I've put in quite a bit of overtime; it's nearly dark by the time I get home (it's cooling down now) - which is why I haven't been walking; I've done floor exercises at home, though; now would be a great time to look into those ballet classes to which I want to sign up;

Oh, on a public access interview, a psychic named Rosa Castro, owns a store in SoHo called "Mystic Earth;" she spoke of monthly meetings which are held on the second Thursday of each month in the City; these meetings are free and usually comprise of a guest speaker regarding certain metaphysical topics. I think I'll go to one just for the heck of it; I remember that I always wanted to go to MIEL in Kendall (in Miami) but got lost on my way there; it has a pretty tricky address; if you ever plan to go, make sure that you get directions first; my coworker Grace is an intern there - Grace says that MIEL is amazing because it offers Yoga, Tai Chi, homeopathy, psychic healing, horoscope classes;

I will catch you quite soon-


A Sacred Voyage from The Mists of Avalon

Did Avalon truly exist or not, I wonder;

Now immediately, times Infinity times three (3) squared, I would like to pray for Balance, Justice, Peace, Love and Beauty in the world-BibiLuzarraga.


A great quote from The Kiss of The Spider Woman

"She's... well, she's something a little strange. That's what she noticed, that she's not a woman like all the others. She seems all wrapped up in herself. Lost in a world she carries deep inside her."

"All the world's a stage"- Shakespeare;

Since Mom will be in town while Pilar Rioja will be performing in her bata de cola, I plan to buy tickets for four; Zero Broadway plans, though; Andy and I plan to catch Les Miserables with another couple very soon; Mom said that the Kiss of the Spider Woman will be in Miami; I know that Mom wants to go to that performance;

Do you believe in Self-Healing?

Can Self-Healing be real???

See results

© 2014 Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga aka Bibi

Personally, I believe in much more than miracles DO happen :)BibiLuzarraga.

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