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A Soul Letter - Part Two

Updated on March 22, 2017
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PERSONALLY, I could use a mental, emotional, physical and personal vacation after working for years; I love the novel 'The DaVinci Code'.

Central Park New York.

"Strawberry Fields" & "Shakespeare in the Park"

Tall trees encircled the small Field and joined their tops to filter the soft evening sun through their leaves (in "Strawberry Fields.")

There was a little wooden theatre where they were producing a marionette show of "Shakespeare in the Park: The Tempest". I ran into a huge sort of "fountain square park" which had a shell-shaped stage and lots of benches.

Discovering inner paths;

Of course, I slowed down just to take in all its beauty and to read the memorial on the rock; It's the perfect picnic spot, I swear! As it curves around in a little path, the lush, green air unconsciously breaks any "serious walking lips" into a smile. A few of the shrubs faintly smelled of vanilla, but they were only perennials. The little perfectly green lawns rolled out on either side of the path and were plush full of lavender and white flowers. Tall trees encircled the small Field and joined their tops to filter the soft evening sun through their leaves;

From there, I wandered into parts of the Park I had never seen before. There was a little wooden theatre where they were producing a marionette "Shakespeare in the Park: The Tempest" show. I ran into a huge sort of "fountain square park" with a shell-shaped stage and lots of benches. Seemed like a popuiar meeting sport. I also found "Summerstage," a place where many outdoor concerts have been held lateluy but I didn't know where it was - directions in Central Park are impossible! There are just too many more little nooks to mention, really. Every time I go, I find new places. The trick is to remember where they are, right;

I so look forward to getting home now to Miami, FL! The weather around here in NYC is still sticky, but once in the Park, it's more refreshing. So, thanks for the boardwalk idea. How's your walking going? I hear there's been awful weather there lately. It's 100 degrees here in New York today, so the subways are steamy and the black streets in midtown are sweltering! It's a minimum-makeup day -- sunscreen, mascara, sheer lips and a touch of gel blusher for work. It's funny, most all women are wearing weekend-wear sleeveless summer dresses and sandals to work. I guess, unlike me, they mostly own cool weather work clothes. I'm wearing the off-white lined linen skirt and blush-colored pink linen double breasted blazer Mom sent me with a blush-pink thin t-shirt (which Andy's mom got from her Karl Lagerfeld sample sale) and little pearls. And of course, my butter-colored 9 West loafers with light pantyhose. Professional yet breathable;

By the way, thank you for your advice on your relationship with Bob. I remember that you always did mention that religion was the issue between Illa and Bob, however, I never had dreamt of the true effect it caused until it happened to me, Betty. I share your point about that, though. If they can't stand JAPs ("Jewish American Princesses"), then why raise their daughters that way? I have a compromising solution and your ping helped me bring it about. Let's say that we allow nature choose our family religion with the firstborn. This way, neither person is demanding and allow god make the decision for us. After all, god is ubiquous, regardless of the religion. Supposedly, he loves us all, right or wrong? Let's say, if the firstborn is a girl, then we go with Catholicism (baptism, communion, etc.) If it's a boy, then we go with Judaism (bris, bar mitzvah.) That's fair -- do you agree;

The problem is that if we have a boy first - then a girl - the girl will be JA-Ppy. Hopefully, it will all work out for me. Thanks for listening about the aformentioned, Betty;

Oh, I want to surprise Andy with tickets to see "Chronicles of a Death Foretold" -- yes, the adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's book. There are only a few days left, so I will try to get the tickets rapidly. Lyle Lovett and Barry White, as well, are in concert; I tried to get tickets to those two shows but there wasn't any good seating left by the time I had decided to surprise Andy;

Thanks for the recipes; I love new recipes;

****Addition to Soul Letters Part 4****22/3/17-

[especially those of The Family Secret” which no one ever told me about;]

Take care; kisses to all;




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      -Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga my legal birth name 2 years ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)