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Soul Mate: The Story of one woman's search for Love part 3

Updated on May 22, 2011

This is a series of installments on one woman’s search for the meaning of true love.

After a failed reply from the delicious looking anchor man, I looked toward Sheila in resignation. Sheila smiled and proceeded to lead me off to the blonde fellow sitting in the sand who was pondering the waves stretched out before him. As Sheila and I got closer I expected to get nervous, it didn’t happen however and by the time my feet were near his sand logged hips I felt a calm sweep over me.

Sheila opened her peach colored lips to introduce me and I took over before a word could come out of her mouth. “Hi. Do you mind some company? You look so peaceful sitting there and I could use some of that right now. I promise I won’t interrupt your serenity.  I just need to soak up this space right now.”

I was shocked! And so was Sheila, who still hadn’t closed her mouth after opening it to being speaking. Her open mouth turned into a proud grin and she pointed to the drink stand we had come from, indicating that she would be there in case of trouble. After a nod from me she went off and I proceeded to sit down next to the beach blonde male who looked just as good as he did far away, as he did close up.

I held to my promise and said nothing. I was content to be looking at the waves pushing gently against the sand in front of me. “So can I at least know your name?” A sound came into my right ear. I turned toward the sound and a beautiful, toasted skin man was staring back at me. His face was relaxed and unassuming, I slowly blinked from the sweet breeze blowing on my face and I said. “Madison.” He smiled slightly, seeming to be content with the information and ready to resume his pondering when I inquired of his name, only because Sheila would have killed me if we parted and I didn’t have it.

“Stuart.” He said proudly and I turned away a little sharper than I would have liked to toward the soothing waves in front of me.


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