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Soul Satisfaction

Updated on May 23, 2013

Follow the sacred teachings of the noble book Quran,

Strengthen your belief on every single word stated by Al-Rehman,

Indeed Islam is the complete code of life,

But everywhere seemed injustice and discrimination in terms of tribes,

Need to eliminate the concept of classification,

Surely Humbleness is the height of purification,

Practice the precious rule of forgive and forget,

Get full benefit from this life till last sunset,

Muslims believe that there is no God but Allah,

They Seek assistance through patience and salah,

True followers take step to promote their culture,

Show unremitting kindness by their gestures,

It gives immense pleasure by expressing graciousness for others,

This is the way to Heaven my dear Sisters and Brothers,

This is what Quran is saying,

You will certainly get the eternal reward and blessings,

Set examples for the whole world like a twinkling star,

Because, The Day of Judgment is not too far.

Sara Shahid.

Civil Engineer.


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