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Souls' Rebellion: Part 2

Updated on May 2, 2009

In the Spring, it was very difficult to keep her mind on what she was supposed to be doing. All she wanted right now was to be off in the world, seeing the sights, and learning what there was to know. Kaya peeked around the corner, but saw no one who would care to stop her. Now was her chance! She made her way quickly to the Cavegate and out into the sunlight. It was quite bright, and it made her eyes smart and water, but she kept on without slowing until she was out of sight of the gate.

Stopping in the shade of the forest, she began to look around for the landmarks she had identified earlier, and soon found what she was looking for; a travel pack laden with plenty of supplies that she had painstakingly collected and brought out of the barrow bits at a time. Rummaging inside, she withdrew a supple strap of soft leather and quickly tied it across her eyes; the narrow slits in it would allow her to see while the leather guarded her night-sensitive vision. With a smirk, she slung the pack to her back and started away at a lope. “By the time they are rousing,” she thought, “I will be far away.”

When she had traveled far and long, so that fear of discovery was a distant twinge, she slowed and took several deep breaths, savoring the perfume of spring in the air. Birds chased each other to and fro in the trees, everywhere she looked something was in could anyone NOT want to be a part of this??

She had no destination in mind. Only “away”. She had no map, but from the Cavegate, a range of mountain peaks could be seen. If she could get near those, maybe there would be a village where she could learn enough to make further plans. Kaya’s light step quickened...


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