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Souls' Rebellion: Part 6

Updated on May 2, 2009

Kaya’s voice came to him clearly, as though she was whispering in his ear. She was standing hip-deep in a moonlit pool, her dark skin glinting slightly under the stars. He stepped from the shelter of the trees, and she repeated, “You are mine, Petrik Ramisan, for I have chosen you.”

          He began to descend the slope to the pool and, just as he reached the water’s edge, she opened her mouth again and screamed, and his foot slipped in the mud...

          Petrik jerked awake and tried to figure out where he was as Kaya slammed the door. “I swear I will kill the next GOURDHEAD who tries to tell me what I CAN and CANNOT DO!” Kaya kicked the bedpost viciously. Then she sat with a snarl on the bed, leaning against the tall bedpost, and tucking her knees up under her chin.

          “What’s wrong, Sweet?”

          “That oaf of a sheriff, that’s what! He said he does not want me “lurking” about the town, especially at night. ‘You’d best stay put a’ night, Missy, or the bogies’ll getch’ou.’ My Aunt’s knobby KNEES! He is only trying to keep the townfolk from crying out to him about me. He is worried about his precious position!”

          Petrik knew better than to touch her when she was like this. He sat up and drew his knees up as well. “There are ‘bogies’ about at night, Kaya. That’s why the townsfolk are more suspicious here than some other places we’ve been, especially of different looking folk.”

          “I’m not a child, Rik! I can take care of myself!”

          “And well I know it,” he said with a lopsided grin, ruefully rubbing his still-tender ribcage. Kaya glared. Petrik sighed. “Is it time to move on, then?”

          “Can’t,” she said petulantly. “Not until the horses are reshod. The blacksmith will not be finished until tomorrow, late.” She grunted. “That means another two nights in this GOD-FORSAKEN...”

          “We leave tomorrow, late, then. As soon as the horses are ready...”

          With a shriek, Kaya launched herself into his arms and began kissing him feverishly. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at him. “What about ‘bogies’?”

          “We are NOT children,” he said stiffly. “We can take care of ourselves!”

          Those lovely eyes narrowed at him and, for a moment, he feared he was due for another thrashing. Then they both dissolved into giggles and kisses that quickly became more serious.

          By the time Petrik emerged from their room to go and find a bite to eat, half the morning was gone. Kaya was sleeping peacefully. He would probably not see her again until supper in the common room.


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    • profile image

      Lyona Thomas 8 years ago

      Cool story! When will more be available?