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Sound of Her Wings

Updated on February 8, 2011

What this is

I have had this one brewing in my brain for a while now. I read this one book a week ago. And I have had my dearest friend popping into my thoughts. The lines from my book and my friend combined in my brain. And this is what has come of it after 9 days brewing in my head. I think I might have waiting to long to write it though. It doesn't feel like it did when it first grew in my mind. Also I hate free verse poems so I barely write them. But this one felt like it had to be mostly in free verse.... well at least that is what my heart told me. CURSE YOU HEART AND BRAIN!!!!!!

hmmm.... I need to go eat some more cheese (this was written on Oct. 24 2010 by the way).

~The sound of her wings~

I hear them

the sound of her wings.

She is strong and mighty with a heart of black color

but this heart is full of such beauty and love

she brings peace like that of a dove

She has lips curved with sweetness to the touch

They are like velvet. A soft warm wet velvet.

her kindness holds no bounds helping keep all

that come near her safe.

she is a beauty you can only know once

I hear them.

that sound of her mighty wings.

She lives far from here out near a golden shore.

Its waters flow down to New Jersey and...

Her body perfect down to every single pore.

I remember her well.

I remember her hair long and flowing....

as she rang that bell.

I hear them.

The sound of her gentle wings.

Her words were soft but she still could bite

she was always there...

even if it was a fight

Ah I feel her spirit near oh right there...

don't you see that strong soul out in the night!

oh no you didn't?

my mistake....

I no longer hear them.

That sound of her mighty wings.

I am long without her now...

She is far far away on her mighty shores

she has a garden with a golden cow

it feels dark and cold here,

her love.... that love which she felt for all the world

it is gone

but I shall sail to her.

I know not which way to go but i have hope

Off in the distance. I hear them.

the soft sound...


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    • MPG1 profile image

      MPG1 6 years ago from Eugene

      Thanks a ton Mahi and Trevor

    • profile image

      mahi 6 years ago

      The only thing I will change is Sweet warm wet velvet


    • Trevor Davis profile image

      Trevor Davis 7 years ago

      Very romantic. A good clear image of your soul on paper.