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Updated on August 22, 2017


The loneliness i feel is too consuming

I wanna run and hide from the living

I'd rather stop than keep going

The pain inside keeps on growing

Letting you go will never be easy

Setting free totally breaks me

All in can do is to cry quietly

Every time i see you smile without me

To the person whom I love the most

I wish I could win you back, take me in

I hope that it would still be me, only me

But i guess your love is not real, just a fantasy

You left me with nothing but a beautiful scar

Nights wont be the same without you my star

This is my last poem with the saddest goodbye

Always remember i will love you till i die

The loneliness i feel is too consuming. I wanna run and hide from the living

hi everyone! I've been working in BPO for almost 4years and been writing poems since grade school. I have my poem collections and I am so glad that I found Hubpages to share my works. i hope you guys will appreciate it. thanks!

© 2017 kaycharisse


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