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Speak to Me- a poem

Updated on January 16, 2014
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Sweet Nothings from Sean Molin
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Sweet Lips from Toeknee Raye

Speak to Me

By Tony DeLorger © 2014

Speak to me, the way you did when love graced our lives,

when thoughts barely strayed from the need to touch,

hold each other and whisper the secrets of souls.

Just to lie by your side was an overwhelming pleasure,

emotions flooded and sensations pleaded greedy attention.

And I, lost in your eyes, could hardly breath without your heart next to mine;

time irrelevant and life frozen,

while we in our bubble danced as two souls melded into one.

Food no longer had taste, no wine as sweet as your lips,

and your body all the sustenance I needed,

your soft and delicate undulations enrapturing

and I lost in your valleys, suckling the very life within.

How life evolves as time wears down,

and age creeps in, the body only a glimmer of past,

and we, with separate lives, vaguely haunted by memories,

lost and replaced with less emotional living.

Love remains in part, a broad warmth of understanding,

less the passion and enthusiasm of youth,

and the children remind us of that once bliss,

when love lived within us like a diamond,

its light radiating in all our lives.

Now just a comfort remains,

a warm hearted knowing, a connection that will endure,

and even though the past is gone,

it is a reflection in our children's eyes,

what was, part of them, and into their own loves,

as we slowly fade in that cycle of life,

knowing what has been,

and grateful for it.


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