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Speak to us now- if you will?

Updated on March 15, 2012


Musical strains, untainted natural beauty

All makes us feel closer to thee

Sorrow, unbearable despair that accosts us

All the anguish here, don’t you see?

Tenderest emotions, we devote to you

Solitary hours, we spend with our Lord

When will you start listening to the cries

Of your people, Our only saviour and God

Centuries have we spent, writing, singing

Trying to find some way to make you heed

We have begged, crushed in spirit, prostrated

In hope you would tend in our hour of need

Enough of your grace in mere portraits

If you be the Lord who liveth still

Come down to your subjects, liege, divine

Speak unto us, now, if you will

Enough of sermons and songs

That only serve to magnify our despair

At not having thee with us, of cringing

Let us play our own game here, false or fair


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