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Special Anxiety Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Updated on January 21, 2013
High Anxiety Poster
High Anxiety Poster
Young Frankenstein Poster
Young Frankenstein Poster

Caught in a tremendous panic of epic proportions

Probably been done before in a Mel Brooks movie

Can't explain the feeling of endless falling

Down an infinitely large grey stone well of depression

A color that's never good for anyone

Not even on the most lethal Attica residents

Always waking up in a boiling hot pool

Of sweat and mental fatigue

A mixture that had the same odor as moldy cheese

Nauseating to behold every weekday morning

Even after drowning the stench in Tommy Girl

A constant stressor that doesn't get better in daylight

Personal fears have suddenly evolved

Into a series of exhausting night terrors

That would even turn James Bond into strawberry jelly

Visions of a dire future dancing instead of sugar plums

A demented fantasy that many realists would love to forget

Have turned those sugary impulses towards something else

Creating a special blend of baked treats for the whole family

Just have get things right before serving them to the public

Only a matter of time before that happens

Throwing out all of the burnt failures in the meantime

Looking to forget the culinary mistakes before moving

Onto greater kitchen creations

Ready, set, bake away the stress.


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