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Special Mother

Updated on June 15, 2017



A mother can't do everything a father can do

They do all things father's dont know how to

Like only they give birth

Bringing new life into earth

A mother always takes a back seat

She always makes sure her child is first to eat

Always puts her happiness aside

By never showing the kids she's tired

Mothers are the world's first hero's

Even the riches and strongest men, without her they are zero

Although she's in pain she knows how to be strong

She makes it look like nothing is wrong

You never see her show a tear

She hates to show her kids fear

I just got one thing to say

I love you mom


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    • Rasel Swartbooi profile image

      Rasel Swartbooi 4 months ago from Durban

      Thank You Michael Valdez

    • MichaelValdez profile image

      Michael Valdez 5 months ago from bedminster, bristol

      Aw tribute poem, very endearing. Mothers are the bedrock to a stable family, I wonder if you added up the wages of the many jobs mothers do how much would they earn?

      I can relate to this piece especially the line: "She always makes sure her child is first to eat" My step mother (but for all intents and purposes I call her mother) would always seem to ask "did you eat?" She was a phenomenal cook, always made sure I was well fed.

      Anyhow keep writing and take care,