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Specially-The first adventure of a special Fennec Fox-THE GIANT MOUTH

Updated on February 15, 2016
Specially gets a new home
Specially gets a new home | Source

A new home

Specially was living in a crowded box filled with all sorts of animals. They jumped and twisted and roared when no one was around, but they were sweet and loving when people were there. Specially didn’t like the behavior of the others so she kept to herself. Sadly, that meant she was usually left lying on the bottom of the crowded box being stepped on by her box-mates who were adopted out leaving her behind.

One day, after she had been stuffed pretty much down near the bottom of the big crowded box and had actually given up hope of ever being chosen, a young girl with long brown hair and big brown eyes arrived at the store. The little girl was very excited to be able to choose her very own furry friend, but she was undecided as to what she wanted. Specially’s box-mates were jumping and shouting, trying their very best to get noticed by the little girl, but Specially didn’t believe she would ever get chosen so she remained silent. Suddenly a small hand grabbed at her and raised her to the top of the box. She saw the light again after almost a week of darkness. She could see the little girl’s happy face and she thought the little girl looked like she would be a nice mommy.

Specially with her new clothes.
Specially with her new clothes. | Source

Adoption complete-a new beginning

The little girl surprised Specially, though, because she not only chose her but she seemed to know her real name as well. She immediately started calling her Specially and hugged and kissed her continuously. Once the paperwork was complete and Specially truly belonged to this little girl, she was taken out into the big beautiful world. She learned that her mother’s name was Destini and that she was very active, even in her sleep where she often lay on top of Specially, who didn’t mind a bit.

Specially is a fennec fox from the Build-A-Bear WWF series.

Sometimes when they came close Specially got very frightened.
Sometimes when they came close Specially got very frightened. | Source

The next day-a trip

The next day, her very first in the big world, Specially found herself traveling with Destini out to a world of Science. She heard them talking about the science and how grown people had built this place for all to see. Destini often held her up so that she could see, and she didn’t mind if anyone knew how frightened she was when something loomed too close to her. In fact, she was shaking during most of the trip because she had never seen any of these things before.

Specially expected the mouth to close, but it didn't.
Specially expected the mouth to close, but it didn't. | Source

The scariest part of all

In another area of the big place, Destini found a large plastic thing that looked like a giant mouth. In fact, Specially overheard Destini’s mother telling her that it was a giant mouth. Destini, always the one for adventure, headed towards it to check it out. Specially could see that giant mouth getting bigger and bigger as Destini moved towards it. Before long, the mouth was bigger than both of them put together and Specially thought it looked like it would close at any minute. She shivered in Destini’s arms and tried desperately to get her to back away. Destini wouldn’t, however, and Specially thought she would die when the upper part of the mouth loomed above her head. Suddenly they moved to one side and Specially saw the back with a large hole in it.

Destini, apparently realizing that Specially was afraid, asked her mother to hold Specially while she walked through the big scary hole. Specially begged, shouted, yelled, and cried, but Destini just kept walking. Finally, not knowing what else to do, Specially buried her face in the arm of Destini’s mother and waited for the loud shriek of pain that she knew was coming. All she could think of during that intense moment was that she would be losing her mother after only one day of having her.

The mouth loomed closer and then she came upon the back where there was a hole.
The mouth loomed closer and then she came upon the back where there was a hole. | Source

Fear, fright, frenzy

Then, the shriek came and Specially couldn’t help but look. There, inside of that scary giant mouth, stood Destini. She looked around her with a great big smile and she reached up and touched the giant teeth that were hanging over her head. Specially waited for the mouth to close, but it didn’t. Destini kept touching and looking and turning, but the mouth stayed open. Finally, Destini came out and took Specially from her mother’s arms and gave her a great big hug.

“There,” she said kissing Specially on the forehead, “I told you there was nothing to be afraid of. Maybe you’ll go into the next one we find.”

Specially silently prayed they wouldn’t find another one. This day had been very frightening and she didn’t think she could handle any more of it, especially on her very first day of life in the big world. Then a giant roundish thing loomed up and someone said it was a giant heart. Specially hoped Destini wouldn't notice it. She was very happy when Destini's mom suggested that they should find something to eat and tackle the giant roundish thing some other time.

© 2012 Cheryl Simonds


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