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Speed Like Blue Whales

Updated on September 10, 2014
Earnest Hemingway
Earnest Hemingway | Source

The bar at the top of the page was long and blue. On the side, there was an inoperative scrolling bar. At the bottom of the page was an Internet connection image displaying full bars. Near the middle of the page there was an address bar showing the URL of the website that was last visited. The employee sat at his desk with the project manager. It was a busy day and a lot of work had to be done and clients were coming to visit the office to see progress.

“What should we do?” the employee asked. He stopped typing and looked at the project manager.

“Well, we don’t have much time,” the project manager said.

“Lets download Google Chrome.”

“Turn off the firewalls,” the project manager said to the security officer.

“Sir, we don’t have firewalls,” the security officer replied.

“Then, why isn’t this downloading!” the project manager shouted.

The employee had heard this many times before. Every single time they were under time pressure, the same situation would arise. He would stare off into his immobile screen. The screen glared blue on his glasses.

“The bar looks like a blue whale,” the employee said.

“What are you smoking?” said the project manager.

“It’s long, blue, and moves slower than a snail,” said the employee.

“Sitting in front of this computer is making you go nuts,” said the project manager.

“Yeah, you’re right. Lets get a drink,” said the employee.

“Two cokes!” the project manager yelled at the office server.

“Big ones?” the server asked.

“Yeah, two big ones,” the project manager replied.

The server brought out the drinks from Harry’s Bar and American Grill, a fancy place across the street, and the two men drank them and reflected on the day. They arrived to work in the morning and it was evening and they had not even completed a single client’s project. The employee looked back at the screen.

“They’re great big mammals you know?” the employee said. “It doesn’t really look like a blue whale. I just meant the coloring of the pixels through the screen.”

“God dang I can’t stop thinking about blue whales; lets have another drink.”

“We’re a low budget firm Carl, you can’t have drinks whenever you want,” the project manager retorted.

“It’s a classic program. But boy does it annoy the living hell out of you.”

The employee stared back off into the computer screen.

“I know it its your choice of program because you’re the employee, but I’m going to tell you anyways, you should really upgrade Carl. It’s 2014.”

The employee did not say anything.

“For God’s sake Carl, say something! Our clients are going to be here any second now.”

“Then what will we do afterwards?”

“Its you’re choice Carl. We won’t be living the same life as before.”

“But I like our life right now. It’s slow, simple, and calm.”

“Don’t you want to make some money Carl?”

“Yeah, but I just can’t let her go like this. I’ve been using her since I was a little boy.”

The employee stared back into the screen.

“If I do this, you have to promise that things will be like blue whales again.”

“Are you kidding me Carl? What’s gotten into you?

“Sir, you don’t understand the connection we have. I don’t even have a backup for all my bookmarks. I haven’t cleared my history. I can’t just uninstall her.”

“Come on Carl, be a man for God’s sake.”

The project manager stood up and walked back and forth. He couldn’t believe this. They were on the verge of getting fired and his employee wasn’t giving two craps. Him and his sentiment.

“Come on Carl, we could have everything.”

“Really boss?”

“Yeah Carl, you just have do this one thing for me and we could have everything”

“Even the whole world?”

“Oh my goodness Carl, get a grip!”

“I know you’re lying sir, once I get rid of her I can never get her back. I’ll lose everything I had.”

The employee stared back into the screen.

“Can’t you see the amazing blue whales it resembles?”

The server came racing towards them and told them that their clients were on their way up.

“Its now or never Carl.”

“Wait boss! The page just loaded! She made it. She saved us once again!”

Blue Whale
Blue Whale | Source


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