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Updated on August 29, 2016
Cast upon remotest shores...we all did thrive...
Cast upon remotest shores...we all did thrive...

Microorganisms, each single celled, the amoeba, were rapidly on the move,

Speedily going about their lives, as our progenitors, expansion, did behoove.

The edge of space, in the universe, as our origin, all movement then obliged,

Cast upon an earthen core, washed upon the remotest shores, all so thrived.

All the species, of their origins, hastily spread, gained footholds in eaches niche,

In waters deep, upon the lands, quickly reproduced, in bands, earth, so enriched.

Creatures of the oceans thrived, those upon the land, were survived, did expand,

Smallest species to the great, all's ancestors, none too late, in this world so grand.

At last, us human kind, a place to find, once all lived in the fanciest of any cave,

Developed a society, related to all, you see, lost their beards, learned to shave.

As time moved on, each improved their own, modes of transportation, to expand,

From a foot to horse's hooves, were soon in the groove, going faster, in the plan.

horses were not fast enough....
horses were not fast enough....

Horses, not fast enough, buffalo were too buffed, mules and donkeys all too slow,

That old pony express, letters to arrive, just a guess, this country needed to grow.

The Calvary did not place, or to show, unless chased by Geronimo, their old foe,

Unicycles were a dangerous pick, were fun, but just a kick, were few boats to row.

Refueler waiting for its jet step at a the stars...
Refueler waiting for its jet step at a the stars...

The early airplanes were still far behind, needed a new kind, all solutions to meet,

The new cars, the "A" and "T", impressive to be, still short, was a need for speed.

As fat blimps, plump dirigibles, floated on wind, pigeons, quicker, all news to send,

Bell, his telephone, Marconi, his radio, helped our country grow, voices to extend.

Frankly, I'm content just to perch...
Frankly, I'm content just to perch...

An Industrial Revolution, offered a solution, this nation's businesses to succeed,

At the time, we needed a fast transfusion, not a false delusion, ours, to proceed.

As the Wrights flew in the nights, dodging geese, avoiding fights, or a stampede,

Iron horses churned over tracks, missing Jack rabbits in packs, onward to speed.

A gaggle of geese, all join in...
A gaggle of geese, all join in...

Morse and his codes, crossed new roads, yet something more was needed then,

Each new invention, its affirmation, an exquisite innovation, now to comprehend.

Intellectual giants, Tesla, host of others, intelligent minds, challenges to transcend.

Fantastic turbines, aided by Edison, his electrical inventions, grandly, to coextend.

imaginations, all to go insane...
imaginations, all to go insane...

Next was the Smart phone, accompanied by E-Mail attachments, to add to the mix,

A new World wide Web, brilliant flash chips, personal computers, replaced our flix.

Speed, its new name, instantaneous, to infinity, the game, just forget the jet plane.

Rocket ships to the stars, may be next on our list, imagination, us all to go insane.

If I can only make this last jump, the lily pond is my kingdom...
If I can only make this last jump, the lily pond is my kingdom...

Speeders, all exceeders, no speeding fines to pay, what the future holds, all pray,

Supersonic, yet harmonic, dreaming of distant stars, no chains holding, to disway.

May we borrow, predicting tomorrow, judging past events, there's no limits, today,

Distant worlds our own, if only speed does not dethrone, in our thoughts, to stay.

all rights reserved and protected under copyright law 2016


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