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Speedster superheroes

Updated on February 11, 2016
The flash
The flash | Source
Quicksilver | Source

There are quite a few speedster superheroes in the world of comics, of which DC has the most prominent. Cause everybody knows the scarlet speedster, the Flash!
There have been a number of different Flash characters through the years at DC comics:

  • Jay Garrick: Also known as the golden age Flash. He was the first speedster ever. Also he was the first hero that had only one power.
  • Barry Allen: Also known as the silver age flash. He was a police scientist who got his speed by an accident with chemicals.
  • Wally West: Was known as Kid Flash till the eighties, then he took over the Flash name after the dead of Barry Allen. He got his powers in the same way as Barry.
  • Bart Allen: The fourth Flash.

There are a few other people who used the title of the Flash:

  • Jesse Chambers: Daughter of speedster Johnny Quick. Took the position of Wally West for a short period.
  • Unnamed Flash from the 23rd century: The father of Sela Allen.
  • Sela Allen: First she was a normal human from the 23rd century, then she changed in a Flash being, able to give superspeed to everyone.
  • John Fox: Time Traveler who gained superspeed through is time traveling. He temporary replaced Wally West, before he decided to settle in the year 85265.
  • Blaine Allen: The 28th century Flash.
  • Jace Allen: The son of Blaine allen.
  • Kryad: A time traveler from the 98th century who traveled to the present to become a Flash himself.

Other DC Speedsters:

  • Zoom: Also known as Reverse-Flash.
  • Hot Pursuit: A mysterious speedster from an alternate earth.
  • Johnny Quick: He speaks a formula to gain superspeed.
  • Max Mercury: Has had a lot of other names.
  • Xs: Speedster of the Legion of Superheroes.
  • Savitar: Can absorb motion from other objects and people, thereby slowing their movement.
  • Other...

There are Marvel speedsters to, although they are a lot less known:

  • Quicksilver: Mutant son of Magneto.
  • Speed: Member of the Young Avengers.
  • Speed Demon: First known as the Whizzer.
  • Black Racer: Supervillainess, member of the second Serpent Society.
  • The Runner: One of the elders of the universe.
  • Other...

The golden age flash
The golden age flash | Source

Who is your favourite speedster?

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    • ValentinaCapece profile image

      Valentina Capece 

      19 months ago from Milano

      I think you have missed "Quickly" of Kremisi / Super Santa universe!


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