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Spider-Man Vs Nightwing

Updated on February 24, 2015

Marvel Vs DC

Welcome! Today in Fantasy Fight, Spider-Man from Marvel Comics battles against DC Comics's Nightwing . These two heroes specialize in tactical warfare and acrobatic maneuvers. Which one will conquer the other? Today we analyze their abilities, skills, and strategies and decide who will emerge victorious!

Spider-Man | Source

History and Analysis: Spider-Man

Peter Parker's parents were tragically killed in an airplane crash when he was young, leaving his Aunt May and Uncle Ben to raise him. Parker grew up in a poor but happy household, until fate struck again. An irradiated spider bit Parker, granting amazing powers. However, soon afterwards, Parker allowed an escaping criminal to get away, figuring he shouldn't become involved. To Parker's chagrin, that criminal would later murder Uncle Ben. Filled with remorse, Parker decided that with great power came great responsibility, and he had a duty to help others wherever he can. Thus, the heroic Spider-Man watches over New York City, hoping to save others from the pain he endured.

1. Genius. Spider-Man is estimated to have an IQ of at least 250. His quick mind can analyze and counter strategies enemies concoct. But I doubt even a man with such mindpower ever realized he'd be able to..

2. Wall Crawl. Spider-Man's encounter with the radioactive spider gave him the ability to cling to surfaces and "wall crawl." But the spider granted an even more amazing power..

3. Strength/Agility. Spider-Man can lift at least 20 tons. In fact, the webhead is so powerful that he must hold back when fighting everyday thugs, else his blows would kill them instantly. His muscle strength also allow him to move amazingly fast, and his balance and dexterity are second to none. Spider-Man also has ranged attacks thanks to his..

4. Web Shooting. Some versions of the character grant him this as a natural talent bestowed by the spider bite; in other iterations Spider-Man invented a web shooting device to fit into his costume. Regardless of its origin, Spider-Man's webs allow him to trap foes by firing a liquid that solidifies on and entangles its target. The web crawler has even invented special web fluids to tackle various opponents,, such as freeze capsules and garlic capsules (effective against vampires.) Spider-Man's webs are also used to propel himself throughout New York by "web slinging" across the city. In addition to his mobility, Spider-Man avoids danger thanks to his..

5. Spider-Sense. With this power, Spider-Man can feel immediate danger; typically allowing him to avoid it. The sense also helps him see through some illusions.

A toy rendition of the Spider-Mobile. Not your brightest idea, Parker.
A toy rendition of the Spider-Mobile. Not your brightest idea, Parker. | Source

1.Ethyl Chloride. Spider-man is vulnerable to this pesticide, likely a side effect from the spider bite.

2. No License. Thanks to his powers, Peter never bothered to learn how to drive. This makes the time he helped create the Spider-Mobile all the more baffling.

Peter Parker's mutant abilities make for a vicious fighter. But can he overcome the fighting prowess of Batman's first student?

Nightwing | Source

History and Analysis: Nightwing

The young Dick Grayson was a member of a family of acrobats. They trained Dick to be incredibly nimble and his career as an acrobat seemed promising. Then, during a performance Bruce Wayne (Batman) attended, his parents were cruelly murdered. Seeing the distraught yet talented boy, Wayne adopted Grayson and trained him to fight crime as Robin. Eventually, he began to thwart criminals independently under the moniker Nightwing. Like Batman, Nightwing has no superhuman abilities - but any foe who takes him lightly soon realizes their mistake.

1. Conditioning/Training. Grayson's intense physical workouts grant him incredible endurance, speed, and strength. His training, both from Batman and as an acrobat, provides incredible agility and martial arts technique. Batman himself admits Grayson surpasses him in acrobatic talent. Of course, many criminals never even see Grayson's skills thanks to his execution of..

2. Stealth. Having trained under Batman, Nightwing can quickly disappear and reappear to strike at the right time. In addition to being a master of stealth, Nightwing also proves himself an adept..

3. Tactician/Leader. Nightwing's acute mind can rapidly form complex plans to counter his enemies. Additionally, he has previously led both the Young Justice heroes and the Teen Titans, demonstrating leadership abilities. And if his strategies fail to defeat an enemy, Nightwing can always rely on his..

4. Gadgets. Nightwing is known for his twin combat sticks, expandable metal bars that enhance his range and power when attacking up close. He also carries handcuffs, a grappling gun for transportation, and explosive pellets. His own suit, made of kevlar, softens blows from enemy strikes.

1. Merely Human. Grayson's only real weakness is his lack of superhuman abilities.


Each combatant will fight in a one-on-one match until one is killed, rendered helpless, or surrenders. For the setting, imagine a large football stadium, empty save for our contestants. And now, for all fans, Fantasy Fight!

Who Should Win?

We've examined the equipment and powers of our agile combatants. Who deserves the victory?

See results
Spider-Man's Mask
Spider-Man's Mask | Source

And The Winner Is..

Both heroes enter the stadium with nearly equal abilities. Spider-Man and Nightwing both excel with dexterous feats and analytic plans; neither has a clear edge. Their arsenals counter each other well; Spider-Man has a ranged advantage with his different types of webbing, and his Spider-Sense guards against any stealth Nightwing may employ, but Nightwing's gadgets can tear through Spider-Man's webs. Thus, neither being able to outsmart or out-tech the other, the fight turns to an up close and personal brawl. Nightwing's duo of metal bars serve him well but can't counter Spider-Man's superhuman strength. Parker knocks out Grayson, scoring a victory for Marvel.

No hard feelings, Dick. Next time, bring some ethyl chloride into the skirmish. For now, just be grateful Spidey didn't come equipped with his powerful symbiotic black suit:


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