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Spiderman The Comic People Love

Updated on September 27, 2011

I know I recently wrote on a topic about where have comic books gone and if they are a thing of the past. However, sitting down in front of the television and flipping through the channels and DVDs that I have available to me, I remembered seeing a Spiderman DVD. Now this brought me to thinking more about the older comics and what ever happened to them.

Thankfully with the Internet I had an easy time finding a comic book shop online since it was rather late at night. However, I was shocked to see how many different types of Spiderman there currently are. Then I decided I would try to locate one which my son could start to read and be able to enjoy some of the comics I know I liked to read. The main problem I had was trying to find some which were age proper for my son. Now you have to realize my son is five and just starting to read and does not need to be exposed to some of the items which are present in the comics. This is when I decided to set off on a quest which would lead me to the local comic book store the next morning to talk to the owner.

While talking to the owner of the local comic book store, he did inform me that Marvel comics did have some older Spiderman comics which would be great for my son. They actually had a box marked specifically for children. The Spiderman comics meant for my son were actually called Marvel Ages. These were specific for the everyone age range which was great news for me. However, I decided to use caution and only get one issue at the time to guarantee they were appropriate for his age group. Reading the issue I knew it would be perfect for my son even at his young age.

The basis of the Spiderman group for the Marvel Ages allowed me to know more about the history of Spiderman. Now this does not take off from any of the normal series that I have seen with Spiderman which is geared more towards adults. Instead this specific Spiderman issue takes off with Peter being in high school. While he is in school, he is a normal child. However, we all know he hides a secret. Since he has this secret he cannot have that popular of a life outside of the school, but he does have time for his job as a photographer.

His job as a photographer is a great one, but he does have a boss that can come across as mean at times. However, I know this can be seen from any boss who is set on a deadline and can easily be hard for someone to understand this concept. The great news is he does tend to catch quite a great photo all the time about Spiderman which would be a given. Now I know this is not really what the article is about, but you will need to understand the action in the comic book is great for a child, even as young as my five year old. One key thing you will notice is the words are not the huge monstrous words you have seen in other issues, but you will find they are even geared towards children. This is really nice because it means my seven year old daughter can read the comic books to him. Nothing is better than sitting on the couch hearing her read the stories to him and show him the pictures.

Spiderman, the Amazing Spiderman, Adventures of Spiderman, movies of Spiderman or any of the combinations there of is something that many people have never thought about seeing. The problem that I have encountered is the difficulty in finding the best one for my five year old son to read. Now that I know about the Marvel Ages Spiderman, I am happy that I am able to find the proper ones for him to read. While I was looking online, though, I did notice one thing as my son gets older Spiderman will be around for him to read still. The reason for this is the Spiderman comics will be around for years to come because everyone seems to love the man who can spin his own webs and get from any place that he wants to. Then when you see he is able to catch the criminals all the time it can be easy for you to see why this series has made so many movies and is still strongly popular today.


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